Create a Lending Library

There’s nothing like kicking back during the summer with a good book, so create a lending library. This way, everyone saves money, and yet also gets to experience new books they may not have checked out before.


Sell Back Books

If you have a huge collection of books that you’ve read and no longer want, sell them back. Books A Million has a buy-back program now, and there are used bookstores who will buy and sell books for discounted prices.

Read a Self Help Book

You may think it’s cheesy, but these books are great. I have a few suggestions for reading a self help book. Girl Wash Your Face and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are two of my personal favorites. They’re great motivators, and everyone can benefit from reading.

Create an Evening Schedule

If you struggle with unwinding for the day, create an evening schedule. You’ll find it easier to relax each night if you create a schedule. It can be a skin care routine, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book, and then going to bed, or whatever works best for you. Just try to limit time with a blue screen 🙂

Read a Book While Working Out

Everyone always tells you how important it is to read a bit each day, and one of the best ways to do that is while you’re on a piece of cardio equipment. I read while on the exercise bike, that way I’m enriching my body and brain at once.

Spend An Hour Outside

Sometimes it’s hard for us to get that Vitamin D, so try to take an hour each day weeding, laying out in the sun, reading a book, whatever you like to do, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful fall weather.

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