Learn to Paddleboard

If you live near the water, go out for a few hours and learn to paddleboard. It can be great fun for vacation, a new hobby or just to try something new.


Have an Indoor/Outdoor Party

Throw an indoor/outdoor party with your friends and family. Have everyone bring a potluck and set up some twinkle lights and citronella candles on the porch and enjoy a night in with everyone you care for.

Set Up a Water Collection Barrel

Save yourself some money this summer and spring and set up a water collection barrel. When it rains, this will catch the water, and you can then use it later for watering your plants.

Wear Sunscreen

Women and men need to wear sunscreen every single day. It helps prevent wrinkles, need I say more, but it also helps prevent skin cancer. So before heading out for the day, wear sunscreen.

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