Start Your Day with a Morning Walk

If you start your day with a morning walk, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you, plus you’ll be closer to your 10,000 steps a day!


Develop a Morning Routine

If you’re trying to create a sense of calm each morning, and stress less, develop a morning routine. Start each day the same way, and while it may take a bit of time for these habits to develop, if you keep at it, you’ll find that this is your everyday routine in no time.

Plan Your Outfit for the Next Day

Deciding what to wear each day can be really difficult, and time-consuming, so save yourself some time in the morning, and plan your outfit for the next day. You’ll be able to get all the accessories together, without feeling rushed or being late to work.

Christmas Mimosas

For Christmas morning, or any time this holiday season, treat yourself to a Christmas mimosa. This is a bit of a twist on the traditional.

Pour two half glasses of champagne, or however many you are serving, and fill almost all the way with cranberry juice. Add some sugared cranberries to the top and add a sprig of rosemary as the final garnish.

Quick, easy, and super festive!

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