Offer to Babysit

Any new parent can get a little overwhelmed, and one of the nicest things someone can do is offer to babysit for a few hours. You don’t have to spend all night there, and the parents don’t even have to leave! This can be a great opportunity for them to enjoy a nice shower or nap or some time together just enjoying the fall weather, while you watch their little one.


Pick a Cause and Invite Your Coworkers to Help Support It

There are so many people and animals out there that need help, so pick a cause and invite your coworkers to help support it. Gather up books for kids, pet supplies for shelters, or even bags for the homeless.

Pick Up a Hobby You Stopped as a Kid

Most of us tried various hobbies as kids, and then dropped them. Pick up a hobby you stopped as a kid and see if it still brings you the same joy it did then or maybe even if you hated it then and now love it.

Donate to an Organization That Feeds Kids During the Summer

For some kids, summer is the worst because they no longer have access to lunch at school and go hungry all day. Donate to an organization that feeds kids during the summer. There’s plenty out there, if you just search for them.

Donate A Box of Snacks to An Elementary School Teacher

Teachers spend too much of their money on their kids, so help one out and donate a box of snacks to an elementary school teacher. Trust me, you don’t know how many hungry kids that she/he feeds each day.

Set Up Playgroups for Your Kids

It’s not always easy, but schedule some playgroups for your kids. You’ll get a chance to hang out with some adults, and your kids will get to burn off some of their endless energy with their friends. Go to the zoo, hang by a pool, go to a theme park, go hiking, make a snowman, the opportunities are endless.

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