Dust Your Air Vents

Maybe you’re super on top of all your cleaning must-dos, but if not, don’t forget to dust your air vents. You don’t want a thin coating of dust blowing out with your air conditioned air.


DIY or Not

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Hey ya’ll, so one thing that I take very seriously is stuff around the house. Whether it’s having the proper lighting for my front door, or the proper home security system for my needs, I think it’s a pretty serious situation, and something that everyone needs. While I am a big DIYer when it comes to home projects, I also am smart enough to know when I am completely in over my head and when I need to call in reinforcements. One of those times is when it comes to installing a home security system or doing lighting in my house.

Sure, I can easily change a lightbulb, and I can generally diagnose and fix things that go wrong at my house. I was raised to be independent, and fix things myself, and because of that, I have become an expert at dryer repair, seriously, if your heating element dies, I am your girl, I have fixed mine at least 5 times, and I also am fairly good at fixing my air conditioner when it goes on the fritz, though, I definitely need to call in the experts if my tried and true fixes don’t make it suddenly start pumping in cold air again. However, with all of that said and done, lighting is the one area that I truly do struggle with. First of all, I am very much concerned with electrocuting myself somehow. I hate getting zapped by my car with static electricity from getting out of it, or when I zap myself trying to open a door in the grocery store after pushing a cart around, so the thought of dealing with large amounts of electricity, no thank you. So, whenever I have a big lighting update planned, I need to call in the experts, and I suggest you do too.


Heck Electric is one of those companies that I would call in case of a DIY project that is simply out of my realm of knowledge and expertise. Let’s say you want to put some pendant lights in your kitchen, and let’s face it, if you have a barn door, they will go perfectly with it, but you definitely don’t want to be trying to figure out which wire goes where on your own. Instead, call in an expert. Heck Electric offers a lot of benefits, and provides a lot of security, especially for those who are a bit more wary of bringing in an electrician to do something for them. You know what always makes me feel better about a service or product? A warranty, which is what you get with all units they install. You also get upfront pricing. I know it always drives me crazy when I get hit with added fees, especially after I’ve already been quoted something else! And they’ll show up on time. If you work, or have kids, or even just have a life in general, you do not need to be waiting around all day for the electrician to finally show up, an hour after he was supposed to be there. We’ve all been stuck in that situation, and it is not a fun experience. An even better thing to know is that they are licensed, they use only professionals who know what they are doing, and their contractors are thoroughly background checked and drug-tested, so you can feel safe and secure about who you are letting into your home. They also do a variety of projects from lighting to home security set-ups to hot tubs to generators. Whatever you need that’s got electric, they can help you with it.


I know how tempting it can be to just dive into a DIY house project, and hope that you can find a YouTube video that will help you figure it out as you go, but I promise you, electrical projects are not things that you want to mess around with. If it’s small enough that you feel you have the experience, I say go for it, give it a shot, I certainly do. But also be wise enough to know your limitations. Know when you are in over your head, and try to figure that out before the price of the service has doubled because they have to undo something that you did 😉 The house I’m currently living in, the previous owners did a lot of repairs themselves, and unfortunately, they are not what I’d call DIY experts, so we are having to undo a lot of their “fixes”, and let me tell you, it’s costing much more than if they had just left it alone, or called in an expert so we wouldn’t have to undo it in the first place. So save yourself some time, and money, and call in the experts when you need them.

Go Through Stuff Once a Week

Each week, pick one area or one category of things to go through, and try them on, go through, see what you need and have used, and what has been sitting there for a while. Anything that’s unused can be posted online to sell or donated to charity.

Always Ask Yourself- Need or Want?

I sometimes use retail therapy as a stress relief for myself, and while it’s always fun, the stress I get from looking at my bank account after isn’t. So, next time you’re needing some retail therapy, ask yourself, need or want? Another great way to look at it is, do I love this or just like it? If you can’t imagine leaving without it, it’s fine, but if it just caught your eye and then you can walk away and forget about it, you’re probably better not spending your money.

Tackle a Project You’ve Been Avoiding

Whether it’s running a certain errand or doing a certain chore, tackle a project you’ve been avoiding and just get it over with. Even if it’s miserable while you’re doing it, at least you’ll get it done and won’t have it hanging over you anymore.

Organize as You Clean

Kill two birds with one stone, and organize as you clean. You’re already taking the time to pick things up, might as well make sure everything is with others of its kind, and that it’s neat when you put it away.

Shop On Sale

This is one of the easiest ways to fill up your closet or house with those name-brand items you want without breaking the bank. Shop outlets and on sale, as well as other stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. You may have to look for a while to get what you want, but it is worth it.

Start Your Chores Early

Get up and get started on your chores! Don’t leave them to sit, but get the laundry in the washer, get to vacuuming, and get it done so you can rest and relax the rest of the day.

Buy a Self Scooping Cat Box

For all my cat owners, y’all need to get a self cleaning cat box. It will save your life, and with so many versions on the market, you can find one that works for your budget. Your cat will be happier, and hopefully you’ll have less messes around the house.

Mop the Floor Before You Leave the House

In the morning, allot yourself some time to quickly mop down your floors before you head out to work, school, yoga, wherever you’re going. This way, you’ll have clean, dry floors when you get back.

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