Use Coffee to Deodorize Your House

Hey y’all, the best time of the year has finally started to arrive! With that being said, we can now open up windows and enjoy the cooler air, and with that comes some fall cleaning.

I love doing a deep clean of my house after summer because we’ve had the house locked up with the AC running, and it’s nice to help get some of those everyday life odors out and freshen up the house. One thing that I discovered is a great deodorizer is coffee! That’s right, ground coffee, put in bowls all around your house will not only make it smell like a coffeehouse, which um yes please, but it also will help deodorize the air, which is great for helping to freshen up after a long summer.

This is especially great for pet parents who may not have realized it, but our animals, even when you bathe and clean up after them each day, still tend to have a little bit of an odor, and when they’re inside all day and the house is closed up, that can build up a bit. Luckily, you can buy a cheap bag of coffee and the odors will disappear. And did I mention your house will smell like coffee? Win-win! Happy fall y’all!


Organize as You Clean

Kill two birds with one stone, and organize as you clean. You’re already taking the time to pick things up, might as well make sure everything is with others of its kind, and that it’s neat when you put it away.

Start Cleaning Slowly

For many, the day after Christmas looks like a tornado whipped through the house, with wrapping paper and ribbons everywhere, so start cleaning up first thing in the morning. Get rid of all the garbage, minimize the leftovers, and start getting your house back into order.

Use Borax as an All Natural Flea Killer

If you’ve ever owned pets, then you’ve dealt with the horror of fleas, especially if they go outside. Luckily, if you notice some fleas on your pet, once you get their flea meds done, go ahead and lay Borax around your house. It won’t hurt you or your pet, but it will kill the fleas. Let sit for a couple hours, and then vacuum it up.

Buy A Roomba

Trust me on this one, a robot vacuum, like a Roomba, is definitely a time saver, especially if you have animals. There’s a lot of holiday sales going on right now, so you can get a great one on sale.

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