Take Time to Decide a Game Plan if You’re Feeling Stuck

We all get in ruts in life, and it’s important to take time to decide a game plan if you’re feeling stuck. Determine what changes you need to find happiness again.


Create a Vision Board

If you’re struggling with what to do with your life, create a vision board. Ask yourself what you want to achieve or be in life, and go from there. Then, you have something to encourage and remind you every day.

New Year’s Resolutions

Hey y’all, so I know I’m a bit late on putting my New Year’s resolutions up, but I promise you, I had them written on New Year’s Eve! Between traveling and then the jet lag, I just didn’t have the time I wanted to get them up, but they are here now! I’m putting them up here to help hold myself accountable, as I have several friends who read this and can make sure I’m keeping up with my goals 😉 But I’m also doing it to share with others, and maybe someone reading this will find they want to add to their list from mine.

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Be honest about my feelings. Yeah, jumped right into this one, for too long I know myself, and plenty of others, have been hiding feelings or not being honest about them, and for myself at least, that stops now. Feelings aren’t always great, but it’s important to not minimize or pretend they aren’t there.
  2. Keep up with that fitness. I’ve been pretty good about fitness, but it never hurts to make sure I keep it a priority by putting it on this list.
  3. Live in the moment. With everything going on, and our giant to-do lists and full calendars, this one can be challenging, but I am ready to give it a try. I’d say immersing myself in what Paris had to offer was a good start.
  4. Live each day with kindness. I know some days can be trying, and I don’t always have the best reaction to stress, but I can fix that with a quick shift in my attitude.
  5. Name something I’m grateful for each day. It’s amazing what a little gratitude can do for each day.
  6. Be neater. Some of you may be shocked to learn that I am not the neatest person ever. But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to work on that, and this new year is the perfect time to start fresh.
  7. Volunteer more. Giving back is important, and volunteering is one of the best ways to do it.
  8. Save, save, save. I have several things that I want to do, and the only way I’m going to get there is if I save up some funds for it. So for me, that’s a huge priority, I’m 26, and need to focus on my savings a bit more.
  9. Be open to new opportunities. There have been several times that I’ve overthought something to the point that it’s gone, and I don’t want to do that anymore, so I’m going to be open to new opportunities as they present themselves.

That may not be everything on my list, but to be fair, I’m very thorough, and I really like lists, so my resolutions are rather long. However, these are some of the most important ones to me, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. I’m hoping for health, blessings, and dreams coming true for myself, and each and every one of you.

Write Down Your Resolutions

Did you know, that if you write your resolutions down, you’re more likely to accomplish them? So write those goals down, get any tools or accessories you need, i.e. if you want to be more organized, get yourself a planner, and get ready for a fresh new year!

Try Something New

Winter is the perfect time to try a new sport or winter activity that you’ve never done before. If you’ve never gone ice skating, go to your local ice rink. If you can, go try sledding or skiing. End the year on a high note of pushing past your fears.

Rosé with Rachel: Comparisons

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, we do it even subconsciously, so try to make a conscious choice to only compare yourself to you. Make yourself better, don’t focus on where everyone else is in their journey.

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