Dust Your Air Vents

Maybe you’re super on top of all your cleaning must-dos, but if not, don’t forget to dust your air vents. You don’t want a thin coating of dust blowing out with your air conditioned air.


Fall Cleaning

I don’t know about everyone else, but fall to me symbolizes a time of new beginnings. We’re entering the most wonderful time of the year, and that brings a sense of magic, wonder, and miracles. The best way to start this season off, especially since you’ll likely have family and friends visiting, is with some fall cleaning.

I started my fall cleaning recently, and especially this weekend, have been super busy. Here are some steps to perfecting your fall cleaning.

  • Open the windows. Make sure the AC is turned off, and let that beautiful fall weather in. Now is the perfect time to enjoy the cooler weather, and save a little bit on your utilities bill.
  • Light some fall candles. These are a must, and my favorite are from Bath & Body Works, the three wick ones, they usually have a great deal on them, and wonderful fall scents.
  • Start in one room and work your way back. I always try to start at the front of the house, and work my way back to the bedrooms, leaving those for last. This way, I’m getting all of the higher traffic rooms.
  • Clear the clutter first. In each room, pick up mail that’s been left, move your laptop to your desk, pick up any discarded shoes or jackets, etc.
  • Deep clean. You’ll want to mop, dust, vacuum, and wipe down everything. I mean light switches, door handles, all of the above. Take some glass cleaner and clean the windows, get it all clean and sparkling. Make sure if you have hardwood furniture to use a furniture polish made for it. Vacuum not just the floors, but the furniture too, especially if you have pets. If you want to take it one step further, call a furniture cleaner to come in and have the couches cleaned professionally. You’d be amazed what’s on your furniture that you didn’t even know about. For an all-natural cleaner, use hot water and vinegar on the floors, it smells good, and if you have pets, you don’t have to worry about them walking through some of the mixture and getting hurt from it.
  • Play some music. Cleaning is always a little more fun with music, so turn it up and get down to business!
  • Get some fresh flowers. Once the cleaning is done, and you’ve worked your way through the house, go get some fresh flowers. You can get a bouquet from Aldi for $4-$5 so it doesn’t even have to cost much. They’ll look beautiful and bring some added freshness to your newly cleaned house.
  • Organize the pantry and closets. That’s right, you’re not done just yet. Go through your closet, and go through your pantry. Get rid of things that are expired, don’t fit, not used.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling fans. Make sure to dust the fans and lights too, and while you’re at it, change out your air filter, especially if it’s been more than a couple of months.

Some people prefer to do their heavy duty cleaning in the spring, but I think getting the house prepared for the holidays is important too. So make sure to take some time one weekend, and get it done. It won’t be fun, but it will definitely be worth it, especially when your friends and family rave about how amazing your house looks. Plus, decorating a clean house is easier than trying to work around clutter.

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