Brush Your Pets

We are in the midst of summer, which means we are in the midst of shedding season! Brush your pets to help eliminate the little furballs that wind up in the corners of your rooms. They’ll also love the attention.


Buy a Kiddie Pool to Make Dog Washing Easier

Dogs and toddlers both seem to hate bath time with a passion. Buy a kiddie pool to make dog washing easier than ever! You can contain the mess, and keep your dog’s paws from getting muddy.

Take Care of Your Animals This Fourth of July

If you normally have your animals outside, bring them in starting tonight. There are lots of people who start the festivities early, and fireworks can be terrifying for pets. Keep them safe, and locked up if you’re having a party, that way they can’t slip out the door. Also, if your animals really get upset from the loud noises, it can help to have a little area set up for them to relax in with their favorite toys and bed. A thunder shirt can also be helpful.

Give Treats to Shelter Dogs and Cats

Make a shelter animal’s day by giving treats to shelter dogs and cats. Grab the Milkbones or rawhides and the Temptations and go around your local shelter giving them a nice treat.

Spend Time with Animals at a Shelter

The animals at a shelter desperately need some playtime, so stop by and spend 30 minutes walking a dog or two or petting some of the cats. The animals will appreciate the love and attention.

Adopt Don’t Shop

If you’re looking for a new pet, adopt don’t shop. There are so many wonderful animals in shelters who are just hoping to find a new home where they will be taken care of and loved, and you could be the perfect person!

Use Borax as an All Natural Flea Killer

If you’ve ever owned pets, then you’ve dealt with the horror of fleas, especially if they go outside. Luckily, if you notice some fleas on your pet, once you get their flea meds done, go ahead and lay Borax around your house. It won’t hurt you or your pet, but it will kill the fleas. Let sit for a couple hours, and then vacuum it up.

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