Develop a Morning Routine

If you’re trying to create a sense of calm each morning, and stress less, develop a morning routine. Start each day the same way, and while it may take a bit of time for these habits to develop, if you keep at it, you’ll find that this is your everyday routine in no time.


Drink a Cup of Tea a Day

You will reap so many health benefits from this one. Generally, tea is high in antioxidants, helps you stay hydrated, and some even have herbs that are known to help boost your immune system. So drink a cup of tea a day!

Set Your Alarm Across the Room

If you struggle with hitting the snooze button and playing that game for about 30 minutes each morning, this is for you. Set your phone across the room so you actually have to get up and turn it off. Much harder to go back to sleep when you’re already up.

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