Wash Your Windows

It may seem like an unnecessary task, but you’ll have so much more sight outside if you wash your windows. Not to mention your house will be immaculate.


Use Vinegar Instead of Chemicals

Did you know that you can use vinegar instead of chemicals for cleaning? It’s an all natural disinfectant, and mixed with some warm water, makes for a wonderful floor cleaner. By itself, it can clean glass stove tops, counters, and more.

Start Cleaning Slowly

For many, the day after Christmas looks like a tornado whipped through the house, with wrapping paper and ribbons everywhere, so start cleaning up first thing in the morning. Get rid of all the garbage, minimize the leftovers, and start getting your house back into order.

Clean Out Your Fridge on Trash Day

No one likes the smell of rotting food, so each week, clean out your refrigerator the night before or the day of trash day, and take it down to the street. You’ll eliminate raccoon visitors, as well as nasty smells from permeating through the house.

Start Your Chores Early

Get up and get started on your chores! Don’t leave them to sit, but get the laundry in the washer, get to vacuuming, and get it done so you can rest and relax the rest of the day.

Mop the Floor Before You Leave the House

In the morning, allot yourself some time to quickly mop down your floors before you head out to work, school, yoga, wherever you’re going. This way, you’ll have clean, dry floors when you get back.

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