Iron Before Your Week Starts

Whether you plan your outfits for the week or you just decide in the morning, make sure to iron before your week starts. This will save you time and energy, and make sure you can wear that cute dress or nice shirt when you want to, rather than having to iron before work or push the outfit back for another day.


Divide and Conquer

If you have chores and/or errands to run, divide and conquer. This is a great method if you live with family, roommates, or your significant other. Once you complete the chores, you get more time for fun!

Tackle a Project You’ve Been Avoiding

Whether it’s running a certain errand or doing a certain chore, tackle a project you’ve been avoiding and just get it over with. Even if it’s miserable while you’re doing it, at least you’ll get it done and won’t have it hanging over you anymore.

Take One Thing Off Your To Do List and Do it Before Dinner

Most of us have giant to-do lists this time of year, so take it in bite-sized chunks. Take one task a day and do it before dinner. If you have time for more after dinner, more power to you, but at least you’ve gotten one thing checked off.

Buy A Roomba

Trust me on this one, a robot vacuum, like a Roomba, is definitely a time saver, especially if you have animals. There’s a lot of holiday sales going on right now, so you can get a great one on sale.

Start Your Chores Early

Get up and get started on your chores! Don’t leave them to sit, but get the laundry in the washer, get to vacuuming, and get it done so you can rest and relax the rest of the day.

Mop the Floor Before You Leave the House

In the morning, allot yourself some time to quickly mop down your floors before you head out to work, school, yoga, wherever you’re going. This way, you’ll have clean, dry floors when you get back.

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