A Scarf Can Change Everything

When it comes to fashion, I love the versatility of it. Sometimes, high fashion is what you go with, at other times, athleisure is the best option. And all of it is fashion. We are wrapping up my favorite season, which means for many, you are getting the last bit of cold and have some warmer weather heading your way. In my case, the majority of the cold weather has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve hung up my scarf yet.

I adore scarves, I think they can add a lot to an outfit, and it makes me think of fall and winter, my two favorite seasons. But more than that, I love the versatility of scarves. A scarf really can change everything when it comes to your outfit. This is one of the best ways to dress up what could otherwise be a bit of a boring outfit, by adding a pop of color or a fun pattern to it. Not only that, but scarves come in a variety of styles. You have your thick, heavy winter ones that are perfect for those freezing days out in the snow, and then you have lighter, thinner ones that are perfect for a nice spring day. Personally, I love them both, but realistically, I get more use out of one of the lighter ones. I can pair it with a short sleeve dress, and I’m not sweating by noon, but my dress now has a bit more to it than just the simple dress it was. Same thing with a sweater and a pair of jeans, it can really dress it up and take your outfit up a level.


This one shown above is one of my favorites, and was a Christmas gift. It’s more lightweight, but it was perfect for added warmth on this cold day, and I can’t wait to pair it with a dress for a fashionable work outfit.

Not only that, but these scarves can be styled in a variety of ways. I went with a simple wrap around style, but they can be knotted, they can be twisted, and each version looks awesome.


Plan Your Outfit for the Next Day

Deciding what to wear each day can be really difficult, and time-consuming, so save yourself some time in the morning, and plan your outfit for the next day. You’ll be able to get all the accessories together, without feeling rushed or being late to work.

Keep Your Nails Freshly Manicured

I don’t mean go get one each week, but give yourself one. There are so many great nail polishes out there, and a fresh manicure really helps you to look put together each day.

DIY Costumes From Your Closet

Hey y’all, the spookiest time of the year is upon us, and if you’re trying to be frugal and put money into your savings rather than a new Halloween costume, I got you covered. There are several costume ideas you can use, all with items already in your closet!

  • Cowboy/cowgirl. Obviously, as long as you have a plaid shirt, jeans or cutoffs, and a pair of boots, you are good to go. The hat is optional.
  • Baby One More Time Britney. Grab a plaid skirt, button down white shirt, and put your hair in some braided pigtails, and add a grey sweater, boom, it’s Britney, b*tch.
  • A fanatic. Don all of your favorite team’s sportswear that you own. Wave that giant foam finger proudly as you walk around with your face painted, dressed head to toe in the team colors.
  • Cheerleader. Certain tennis skirts look just like a cheerleader skirt. Pair with some tennis shoes, a team shirt, and get some pom poms from the dollar store. Go team!
  • Dracula. No cape needed, wear dress slacks, a white button down, and use a red scarf to tie around your waist if you don’t happen to have a red cummerbund. Add some face paint, and you are ready to suck some blood.
  • Princess. If you’ve saved your prom ballgown, now is the time to break it out again. Add a sparkly tiara from the dollar store, and do your hair and makeup all pretty, and you are ready Your Highness.
  • Audrey Hepburn. Grab that strapless LBD, a string of pearls, black heels, a tiara, and black sunglasses, and you are good to go.
  • PLL. This one is great if you have a group of friends, don all black dresses, do your hair and makeup, and make sure to bring along a note from A.
  • Mime or Robber. A black and white striped shirt and a dark pair of jeans, all you need now is a face mask, or face paint.
  • Sandy. Wear some black faux leather leggings or a pair of tight black pants, a red belt, and an off the shoulder black shirt or crop top. Don’t forget the red lipstick, stud.
  • Belle. If you have a yellow dress in your closet, curl your hair, put it half up, wear the dress, and carry a rose.
  • Powder Puff Girl. Depending on the dress color in your closet, you can easily become Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup with a dress, white knee socks, and black shoes.
  • Frat guy. Put on some bright colored shorts, a long sleeve button down, tucked in, wear your sunglasses around your neck, and don’t forget that red solo cup.
  • Kim Possible. What’s the sitch? Save the world in a black long sleeve crop top, green jeans or cargo pants, a brown belt, black gloves, and black sneakers.
  • Elle Woods. Conquer law school in a pink dress, with a pink bag featuring Bruiser, and some amazing heels.

Hopefully one of these costume ideas will help get you out of that last-minute panic, and help you rock Halloween! The DIY costumes from your closet are easy, and you should have everything you need. Happy Halloween!

Keeping It Short

It’s the middle of summer here in Florida, and I am absolutely melting. The heat index is reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is miserable. What’s even worse, trying to dress for work has become a nightmare. I work for a digital marketing company, so we keep things very casual at the office, and I know many other people that work in a laid back environment where business casual is not the required dress code. It can be a little difficult to adjust to at first. I worked at a retail store, where certain hair and makeup and outfit requirements had to be met, so dressing in a more relaxed style was not a luxury that I was afforded at first. So coming in to my then new job, I was definitely overdressed for quite a bit of time. There was also a factor of I worked with all guys, and wasn’t sure that it was appropriate for me to wear shorts, even though everyone else in the office was. So here’s the solution I found to it.

I definitely am not advising anyone to wear those short shorts, or daisy dukes, that’s not appropriate for work no matter what (unless you work at a place where that’s part of the uniform, but in any type of office setting, no way, not cool). However, there are plenty of shorts out there that are perfect for a casual office, and a great way to combat the summer heat. Lilly Pulitzer has multiple 5 inch Callahan shorts that are lightweight, comfortable, adorable prints, and best of all, long enough to be work-friendly. Also, J Crew chino shorts are great, they’re also longer, and therefore work appropriate. There are some things that you need to be careful about though, when wearing shorts to the office. I always make sure that if I choose to wear shorts that day to work, to make sure I don’t wear a shirt that is low cut, or strappy, or a tank top. I don’t want to be dressed for the weekend, I just want to be comfortable. So it’s important to find that happy medium in your wardrobe.

One of my favorite work outfits that include shorts as a piece of it also includes the Express Portofino shirt. I have both styles, the sleeveless (which isn’t sleeveless, just check out the pic below to see) as well as the three quarter sleeve style. Both are extremely comfortable lightweight options, that are not low cut, or show off too much skin. The sleeveless Portofino shirt would pass my high school’s dress code. Three fingers wide, and you’re good.

Just make sure when you’re wearing shorts to the office, that you’re still dressing modestly. I can’t stress that enough. It’s becoming more acceptable to wear shorts in office settings, but you must do so tastefully. So no spaghetti strap tanks with your bra straps hanging out, and your short little daisy dukes that barely cover your bum. That’s not acceptable, or classy. Instead, go with longer shorts or capri style pants, and go with a sleeved top, or a tank top that has straps at least three fingers thick. Make sure it’s not a v-neck, and that your chest is properly covered.

I’ve included a picture of the outfit I wore to work last Friday. It was cool, comfortable, and I was completely confident that I was still dressed work appropriately. Check it out! Pants are J Crew chinos, top is a sleeveless Portofino from Express, and shoes are some no name from Rack Room (really comfy though!).

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