Wrap A Present A Day

Try to sit down and wrap one present a day. Sometimes, it's easier to take 5 minutes than two hours to get it all done. Just don't forget to label it!


Take One Thing Off Your To Do List and Do it Before Dinner

Most of us have giant to-do lists this time of year, so take it in bite-sized chunks. Take one task a day and do it before dinner. If you have time for more after dinner, more power to you, but at least you've gotten one thing checked off.

Use Borax as an All Natural Flea Killer

If you've ever owned pets, then you've dealt with the horror of fleas, especially if they go outside. Luckily, if you notice some fleas on your pet, once you get their flea meds done, go ahead and lay Borax around your house. It won't hurt you or your pet, but it will kill the fleas. [...]