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Hello everyone!
So for this week’s blog posting, I want to write about what to wear for your body type. I know a lot of us have different body types and sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good on our bodies and what just does not work for us. Now, this is not to say that anyone’s type is better or worse than another; they’re just different! We all are beautifully different, and even though society tells us certain trends to follow, these trends are not for everyone. Plus, we all know society makes fashion blunders (just think of the 90’s). So it’s okay that maybe high-waisted jeans are not for you, or those cute v-neck dresses make you look even more flat-chested. It happens, it’s the way fashion goes. However, we should not sacrifice our own personal style just to match with what society is telling us to wear this month. So for this post, we’re going to go over different body types and what is best to wear with those body types.
First, you have to know exactly what your body shape is. A general way to find this out is to take one of the quizzes that ask you questions about your body. A fun little quiz is one that Seventeen Magazine has online:Seventeen Body Shape Quiz. This will give you an idea of whether you know what your body shape is. If not, here’s a calculator that will give you a general idea of what your body shape is: Body Shape Calculator. This takes your measurements and tells you what body shape you fall under with an explanation about it.
So once you know your body shape, it’s important to know how to dress for it. Seventeen Magazine has some tips on dressing for different body shapes: Fashion Tips. I also have some tips. For those of you without much of a bust, it’s important to wear shirts that flatter your waist as well as help give the illusion of more than you have. A sweetheart neckline is always a good choice, it flatters your waist and your bust. Another good choice is ruffles. Not too much, but a little bit can add more dimension to your shape. If you have a tiny waist, those high-waisted shorts are perfect for you. They cinch in your waist and emphasize it and show it off. For those with larger busts, go with a v-neck, you can pull it off! That will emphasize what you have without being too low-cut. Just remember to keep it classy. For all of you tall girls, skinny jeans are your friend. They emphasize your height and show it off. If you have shorter legs, skinny jeans may not be the best. Go for those wider cut jeans, maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans or wide-leg pants. They’ll give you an illusion of height. Another tip, wear wedges with shorts. It gives the illusion of longer legs. If you have more of a pear shape, empire waist tops are great. They emphasize your curves and flow over your body. Finally, if you have a short torso, empire waist dresses or tops are good for you too, it will elongate your torso.
Plenty of magazines have lots more tips than just the ones I listed, these are just a start for you. Look into it yourself, each time new trends come out, so do new tips for how to wear them with your body type. Have fun with it, and try something new, even if you’re unsure about it. It may become your new favorite thing!

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