Happily Ever After Isn’t So Easy

Alright y’all, so who here had a plan for their life that they’d be happily married by a certain age? I know I did, and I also know that I am nowhere near meeting that goal as it has already passed a couple of years ago. Happily ever afters certainly seemed to be much simpler when I was younger. I’d meet a guy, we’d fall in love, and it would be so simple and uncomplicated.


So now that I’ve grown up quite a bit, I realize just how complicated this whole finding your perfect person thing can be. For some, sure, it is that simple of meeting the perfect person, and then a few years down the line, getting married. For many though, there are different roadblocks standing in the way of that happy ending.

So what could possibly make happy endings so much more complicated and harder to find? Well let’s see, timing is always important and more than once I have had timing not be my friend, whether it’s the case of the guy I like graduating a mere 4 months after we met and became friends or if it’s the timing of meeting someone who already is seeing someone else. We’ve all been there, you meet someone who’s amazing, and then you find out they’re not single. Of course. Or you and someone never seem to time it right with your feelings for each other. I had that in high school. I swear, every time he was interested in me, I would be interested in someone else and then vice versa. It was a sad game we played for like 3 years. Perhaps you’ve met someone and you find out they’re leaving for a new job in a month. Or they’re transferring schools. No matter what it is, it can leave you wondering how your timing can be so bad.

So here’s the next question, does this mean it’s not meant to be with that person or that there’s still possibility in the future? I prefer to think it could be both. Sure, maybe you and that person weren’t meant to be in each other’s lives except for a few weeks, and once they move, you’ll lose touch again and move on with your lives. Or you’ll somehow remain in touch on and off over the years, until it’s finally the right time. That’s the beauty of the future, we never know what it can hold or who can come back into our lives. We could even think someone is back in our lives only to have that timing thing interrupt again.

It makes our love lives more complicated, most definitely, but it also leaves the potential for soulmates and God’s plan. Sometimes to get your happily ever after, you just have to be patient and realize that no matter how much you like someone, if the timing isn’t right, then it’s just not right. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be right forever. You may just have to wait and see what’s going to happen.

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