Not All Events Go As Planned

Hey y’all! For those of you that know me personally, you may know that a passion of mine has and will always be event planning. In fact, I even went to school to learn how to plan events properly, and I loved every second of it. While I didn’t go on to make a full-time career out of it, I did and do still offer my services as a part time event planner to those who request it.

A couple of years ago, you might remember a challenge going around, it was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and we all were dumping buckets of ice water on our heads to raise awareness, and we were challenging people to do the challenge or donate to the cause to help fund research. Well, I wound up working with a local salon who wanted to host their own challenge one day to have their clients as well as locals come to donate, win raffle prizes, and of course, participate in the challenge. I worked on everything with this event from naming it to creating a logo, reaching out to the press for coverage, I even designed special buckets to hold the ice water for that extra special touch that would make it truly perfect. But the one thing that I have never been all that great at and that I wish I had been able to afford a company for was a video PSA.

Some may think that making videos is super easy, but as I can tell you from my Rose with Rachel videos as well as others I’ve tried to do on my own, it is NOT an easy task. Luckily, for those who are able to afford more than a truly shoestring budget, there are many companies out there that offer these services and do remarkable jobs with it. Kestum Bilt happens to be a full-service video production company founded by Peter Guzzo that works with a variety of companies, brands, and even stand-alone filmmakers. Not only do they have the experience that I could have used a few years ago, but they have a full knowledgeable team that is ready to go and knows what they’re doing! Not only that, who wouldn’t want to work with someone who likes the Mouse?

One thing I’ve struggled with my videos and even some of my photos is finding the perfect lighting and angle. I’ve always been interested in photography, but it’s definitely a skill that needs to be practiced, and while I try, I don’t always make it a priority. But that’s why it’s important to know the places that offer those video services that we aren’t great at, so that you can reach out to them and have them provide you the services to make your project just perfect. I mean, if you don’t believe me, then take a look at some of these Video Production in Tampa examples to see what they can do. It’s impressive right?

Well, while I may not have had the local production team I really wanted, I was able to still pull off the event, despite so many things working against me. One of the first rules of event planning is to know that things will go wrong. It’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of they will go wrong. While a good planner can plan for a lot of things, there are plenty of moving parts and pieces and that will affect any event. Unfortunately for my first event, I had several factors working against me. I had released a press release to several news stations and was speaking with a reporter who was planning on attending our event to get it some local press coverage. I was super excited about him coming, and probably about an hour before the event was to begin, I got a breaking news alert that one of the city’s most wanted was spotted and detained at the local airport. Oh yeah, great timing. As you can imagine, I lost my news coverage in favor of breaking news that had any and all potential press out at the airport covering that story for hours. So that was a tough loss, but I figured, okay, that’s not too terrible. Then the next bad thing happened. It started to rain. Because this was a basically no budget event, we didn’t have a back-up venue that we could use, so we had to keep the event at the salon, but since the salon was in an outdoor strip mall and it was a true Florida thunderstorm with wind, rain, and lightning, we had much lower attendance than I had hoped. I mean, you were going to be getting wet anyway by participating in the challenge, I figured people would still come out, but I was wrong.

While the event may not have gone as perfectly, it was still what I consider a good first event. Did I get the results I wanted? Noo, not even close! But did I learn a lot about event planning, and budgeting, and even marketing said event? Absolutely! I don’t consider it a waste or a bad event at all because I learned from it, and it has helped me to plan bigger and better events since then.

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