Dress Properly Even in a Pandemic

Now, before y’all think I mean wearing dresses and heels, don’t panic too much. But there are many studies that show how important it is to keep certain routines to help us stay mentally prepared and positive during these times. They also help us to keep a sense of normalcy.

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I know that many of us have been donning sweatpants and messy buns without makeup, but it’s time for us to go ahead and get back into the routine of wearing regular clothes. Now, before you get too attacked, I’ve been doing the same thing, and I’ve learned that I feel better when I am able to get up, do my workouts, and then get dressed for the day than I do when I just roll out of bed in loungewear or my pajamas. It may feel weird to put makeup on or to straighten your hair or wear a nice outfit, especially if you’ve been rejoicing being able to wear shorts, but there’s something about doing something like that that makes us feel a bit more prepared for the day.

Think about it, most of us aren’t going out as much, which is great for helping to slow down the pandemic, but is making it more difficult to know when lines are beginning to blur. Many of us are having our homes be our everything, from our gyms to our workspaces to our restaurants, etc. There’s a lot going on there and if you constantly stay in a state of sleep time, by wearing pajamas all day, or loungewear, you may find yourself less motivated during the day. Whereas, if you put makeup on, you’ll feel more in a routine like you had when you were going in to an office, as well as give yourself a bit of a difference from when you got up to when you walked 6 feet to the computer 🙂

It’s something I personally am still working on, but I promise you, it does help, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit stuck in a rut. We’re going on 6 months of this pandemic, and if you’ve been feeling like things are starting to run together, this may help provide a bit more definition to your days.

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