Moving Tips I Wish I Had Known

Hey y’all! As most of my readers know, I recently moved in to a new house, and now that I’m finally getting everything settled in it’s place and doing a few upgrades, I’ve had some time to think back on all the things that made this move much more difficult than it should have been. So, for my future reference, and to help anyone else who may be struggling with how best to move in the future, especially in a pandemic, I have put together some tips for you guys. If you follow these moving tips, I promise you that while your move won’t be completely painless, it should be a lot easier.

  1. Hire a moving company. I don’t say this lightly because I know how expensive moving companies can be, and I know that it’s really difficult to choose to get a company rather than just get a truck yourself or even those Pods. However, speaking from experience as someone who has moved herself in college, to apartments and out of different houses, it is so difficult to do it yourself! First of all, you’re likely paying (aka bribing) friends to help you with pizza (and the whole, we’re friends aren’t we thing), but let me tell you, in a pandemic, which is when I moved, and sadly with no end in sight, you may be in the same boat, those friends are harder to find. That’s where a company like Infinite Moving comes in, especially if you’re moving in Central Florida. They offer a variety of services to help you move effortlessly and seamlessly. You can hire them to move you, pack your items for you, or even just for some manual labor if you are doing a house project and need a little extra manpower. While I am always grateful to my friends for their help, they are not professional movers, neither am I, and unfortunately, some things did get damaged when I chose to move myself. Furniture got dinged and broken, boxes got crushed, and other items wound up being smooshed or cracked by the time we got them out of the pod and in the house. While that certainly helped with cleaning out certain items, it did not help with the budgeting, as I had to buy new items after the fact.
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  2. Maybe you’re reading this, and you’re like, well of course I use a moving company for residential moving, but I can totally move my office to its new location on my own. Once again, I suggest you rethink that. Polk city commercial movers is the way to go, and this company is perfect if you’re moving in the Polk County area. They’ll keep that valuable office equipment safe during the move, so you’re not balancing several monitors or other expensive technology in your backseat with beach towels around them. Trust me, it’s worth putting the money in to move properly.
  3. Pack ahead of time. I know, everyone says this, but please trust me, start packing nearly immediately. There’s always more to pack than you think, and as someone who is very good at procrastinating, it is so easy to find yourself frantically packing the day before and knowing there are not enough hours in the day for you to get it all done. So start early, and definitely go through as you pack. I took several bags and boxes of items to charity before I moved, but I also took several after, and those are several boxes and bags that I shouldn’t have had to move with me. Proper planning and allotting enough time for packing would have prevented that, but I put it off thinking I would get it done faster than I did. It happens, but try not to let it happen to you. Your stress levels will thank me.
  4. Label your boxes carefully. This kind of goes with the point above. When you’re packing last minute, things kind of get thrown together, which means a box labelled office items might have something that belongs in your dining room that you think you’ve lost because all the boxes labelled “dining room” are empty. Sure, you’ll find it eventually, but why put yourself through that? If you take the time to properly and thoroughly label boxes, you can prevent the surprise of going “OH that’s where it was!” and you’ll more easily be able to unpack and get things set up fairly quickly.
  5. Be kind and allow yourself time to clean or a professional cleaner to come in and clean before closing. We did that with our old house and I cannot tell you how sad it is to walk in to a new home after days of packing and moving heavy pieces of furniture, to then see that you have to clean a house from top to bottom because the people who lived there before you didn’t opt to clean anything. And I do mean top to bottom. I cleaned EVERYTHING, and I’m not going to lie, there were a few tears of exhaustion, because that is not how I pictured moving day going with me on my hands and knees scrubbing tile and baseboards because apparently the old owners felt that was too much for them. Get yourself some good karma and just be a decent human and allow yourself enough time to either clean the place yourself once it’s empty or hire a professional. I get it, no one wants to clean, and professionals are expensive, but they do an amazing job. And this way, the new owners won’t have to do it themselves. And sadly, finding a professional cleaner for the same day is impossible. Trust me, I tried that before going Cinderella on the house.
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  6. Have some essentials on-hand. You know one of the main things I forgot to do while moving? Eat. That’s right, we didn’t think to make sandwiches and have them in a cooler or to have something planned for dinner or breakfast that next day after moving. Which meant first of all, that we didn’t eat until like 10 pm the night of moving out, which is not good for anybody, and it also meant our options at that point were fast food. Not exactly the nourishment your body needs after moving heavy furniture and items. Even if you hire a moving service, moving takes a toll, so make sure you plan out some essentials like a meal or two for those moments when you’re in-between houses and need some energy.

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