Your Home is a Reflection of Your Mind

Have you ever heard the term cluttered room, cluttered mind? As a reformed messy person, who now is slightly OCD about cleaning, especially with this pandemic, I can tell you, this phrase is very very true. When we have messes all over the place, we often then become more cluttered in our psychological minds. You’re more likely to run late, as you can’t find anything, which will then cause you stress, especially if it’s running late to work or an important appointment. You could also look over at your mess and begin to feel overwhelmed by it, which can add to some of your daily stress. It can feel overwhelming to wonder where to start and how to get rid of the clutter, which again, is tied to psychological distress.

However, I know how difficult it is to change your ways, especially if you think you have a system to the clutter. Trust me, I used to think the exact same thing. I believe I used to say if I cleaned up the mess, I wouldn’t know where things are. Let me tell you, now that everything has a home and I’ve decluttered some of my life, I am lost if I don’t put something back where it belongs. There is no way I had a system when I was younger, I just had more free time to search for things around the house, whereas now, that would be precious time wasted. Even if you’re resisting this, trust me, you may have to search a bit for things at first in their new place, but once you finish the cleaning and get used to keeping it clean, you’ll wonder how you ever lived differently. As a reformed messy person, I am speaking purely from personal experiences.

Once you clean up the house, your mind will feel free, you’ll feel some stress leave your body. Even if you aren’t actively aware of it, living in clutter shows that you’re a bit cluttered yourself, and while there may be certain things you can’t change, like your family stressing you out or a medical issue, you can always clean up a bit and change the reflection of your mind. Destress and declutter all at once with a good cleaning session.

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