Happy 150 Years Theta!

150 years ago, four women decided they were tired of simply being tolerated at their college and that they were going to do something for them to provide a support system for women in school. Little did Bettie, Hannah, Alice, and Bettie know, they were starting the first Greek letter fraternity for women, that’s right a sorority before they existed, that would thrive and grow for 150 years and counting.

I joined this organization about 8 years ago when I was in college. I had wavered on the idea of joining a sorority for a while, and finally decided I would rush and see what happened. I had no idea where I’d end up, if even in a sorority at all, and I was definitely hesitant about it because I’d heard the rumors and stereotypes and didn’t want to be a part of something potentially catty. But I still decided to give it a shot. Fast forward to getting into Kappa Alpha Theta.


I’ll be the first to admit it’s not all sunshine and butterflies when you join a sorority. There are catty girls who spread rumors and who you just don’t get along with. There are people who expect you to act a certain way because you’re a sorority girl. There are lots of events, which don’t get me wrong are fun, but it is a huge commitment on time and dedication to it.

It’s also an amazing decision to make to join one, especially Kappa Alpha Theta. Theta focuses on academics, service, philanthropy, and supporting sisters. I met some of my best friends because of the sorority and some very important people in my life. Since graduating, I’ve also met flight attendants, women in Disney, and other alumni of Kappa Alpha Theta from all over the world who share a special bond with me. A bond that has lasted 150 years and will continue to grow for many more generations. A bond that has allowed us to experience having a group of women support you and look out for you during some of the most formative years of your life and then some. I’ve met women who I can call crying when my life is crumbling to dust around me. I’ve also met women who are more excited than I am when things go right. I’ve met women who plan surprises like a trail of puzzle pieces to lead you to your paddle or women who will spend hours watching kickball tournaments for a good cause. Without Kappa Alpha Theta, I wouldn’t have met these women.


I am so grateful that not only did I meet these women in college and beyond, but that I’m still meeting them. I met new Thetas yesterday at an Alumni event celebrating the 150 years of sisterhood. It was a lovely experience getting to see women as young as still in college to those who have been a Theta for 50 years all come together to celebrate an organization that binds us together.

If you’re reading this and wondering, “should I join a sorority?” All I can say is yes. Give it a try. Go through the rush process and don’t give up part-way when you’re in tears on your apartment or dorm room floor because the sorority you thought you wanted dropped you. Don’t decide it’s not worth it because you don’t want to be a “sorority girl.” There’s more to us than meets the eye and I know several from other sororities who are wonderful women who just want to help make the world a better place. Listen to your heart and give it a try. You’ll gain a wonderful support system and a sisterhood that shows you traditions and rituals that bind you together, and if you matched well, that support who you are as a person.

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