Use Plastic Containers in Your Pantry

Make your pantry neat and tidy by using plastic containers to hold things. It’ll also help it stay fresh longer if it’s cereal or crackers.


Don’t Be a Spoiler

If you’ve seen a movie before your friends or coworkers, don’t be a spoiler and spoil the movie for others. I had some parts of Endgame spoiled for me, and not gonna lie, it wasn’t the nicest thing.

Homemade Sangria

This is one of my favorite red wine sangrias, it tastes delicious, and when I serve it at parties, it is a hit! I rarely have any leftover 🙂


1 bag frozen mixed berries

1 bottle red blend wine or cabernet sauvignon

1 bottle sparkling prosecco or champagne

1/2 bottle of red fruit juice of your choice, I like cranberry, it gives it a nice tartness.

Mix it all together, and enjoy!

Welcome a Stranger

Whether you are at church or in your neighborhood, go welcome a stranger or someone you’ve never been introduced to formally. This is a great way to meet new people, especially those new to the area or just those you haven’t made time to speak with before.

Start a Small Herb Garden

There is nothing better than fresh herbs while cooking, and the best way to have that is to start a small herb garden. You don’t need anything fancy, even little cups or mason jars will work. You can easily put this in the kitchen window for sunshine and easy access.

Be More Compassionate

The next time you’re out and getting frustrated with whatever is going on in front of you, maybe it’s someone walking slowly into a store or a coworker irritating you, be more compassionate. Try to remember that we all are going through things, even if you don’t know about them, and that we all deserve kindness.

Cultivate Your Friendships

Friendships are like flowers, you need to tend to them, water them, and make sure they get enough sunlight, so to speak. Make sure that you’re making time for your friends, and not just focused on your new friends right at the moment. Cultivate your friendships so they can grow and survive the upcoming years.

Avoid Politics at Work

I have a rule I try to stick to: avoid politics at work. Let’s face it, you can try to change people’s minds, but generally it just turns into someone getting mad at someone else, and higher office tensions. So just avoid it.

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