SheaMoisture Rose Facial Mask

I tried this mask because I have very sensitive skin, and I am trying to look for more all-natural options for my skin care routine. This seemed like the perfect solution as it was made for sensitive skin, feature rose water, which is very good for helping sensitive skin, and all natural. Unfortunately, I wound up looking like a burn victim after having this mask on my face for about 5 minutes. My face started burning terribly after I put it on, and I actually had to wash it off right after I finished applying it. I have a few pictures, my face looks horrendous, but I do not want anyone else to try this product and experience this pain. I had to soak my face with a cool washcloth for about 20 minutes for it to finally stop burning, and the redness stayed for about 2-3 days until it finally faded. I highly recommend trying to make your own face mask or trying a different one that is specifically made for sensitive skin, as this one was terribly made. I did try to reach out to the company, and they never got back to me about my complaint, and I saw others had similar issues with this product as well.


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