Stop Looking Backwards

We all know how important it is to sit back, reflect, and look back at life choices and mistakes. That’s all well and good, until you get caught up looking backwards in life that you forget to look and move forward. I know a lot of people who are struggling with this, especially if they are not in an area they want to be, it’s hard for them to have hope for the future.

One of my friends is not happy in her job, it requires a lot of phone calls, which is not her jam, and is very taxing on her right now. I know someone else who is potentially in danger of lay-offs in the coming year. Then there are those who are still stuck on exes or who don’t really think life could be as good as it was 2 years ago. All of those issues are completely valid, but the only way to get through them is to stop looking backwards and start looking forward.

You know the story, A Christmas Carol? Super fitting at this point in time, but not just for the obvious reasons. So Scrooge gets visited by three ghosts, Christmas Past, Present, and Future. He needs these ghosts to show him what went wrong with his life. Now, he also needs them to show him that if he keeps looking back and not making any progress, he won’t change his future. But, if he looks towards the future, and makes changes, and starts moving forward each day, his future will change.

We can look back to learn from mistakes or see how we were in the past, but that’s it. We can’t go back in time and make changes, we have to start moving forward from where we are currently. So take a minute, and evaluate things. Are you happy where you are? Or do you want to make some changes? If you want things to change, you have to let go of what was in the past or learn to embrace it, and move forward. Moving forward is the only way to make changes and have all of those new and wonderful Christmas Futures.


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