Saying How You Feel Doesn’t Always Mean a Happy Ending

We’ve all been given advice when it comes to that special someone to just tell him/her how you feel. Because they deserve to know, and you never know what will happen if you do. In some cases, it’s great advice, because friendships don’t get lost, they just evolve into a relationship because it turns out they both were feeling that same way. In other cases though, it’s not the happy ending we are hoping for. In some cases, it’s a feeling of unrequited love, and the friendship can’t survive that.

It’s tough, putting yourself out there, and yes, I am speaking from experience, and no, it didn’t always work out the way I planned it. That’s the key though, I had this big plan of how it was going to work out, and God had another plan. That’s ok, I still put myself out there, and opened the door to the opportunity. It may not have worked out to a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. It just means, it didn’t work out at that moment. What I’ve found though, is that while saying how you feel doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending, it does guarantee you an answer.

When I like someone, I hate the guessing game of trying to decipher if he’s interested in me by how fast he responds to texts, if he texts first, if he uses emojis, etc. I mean, really, the list of things to overanalyze goes on and on. However, if you put yourself out there, you’ll at least know. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt when that guy you’ve been crushing on for months, maybe even years, has no interest in anything more than friendship, but hey, at least you know and you aren’t wasting any more time on him. However, if he was just not sure how to ask you out, you’ve made things way easier on him. Now, all the feelings are out there, and everyone knows what’s going on.

To me, there are too many games when it comes to dating, and I’m just not a fan. I prefer to know where I stand with people, and while saying what you feel doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending, it does at least guarantee some light being shed on what’s going on with you and him. Just keep in mind, no matter how well you’ve planned that conversation, and how confident you are the feelings are mutual, it doesn’t always work out the way you planned. That doesn’t mean it was a bad thing to share, it just means there’s someone else out there for you.

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