How To Dress Up Sundresses

Summer is officially here. For the working girl, that can be a bit difficult, as it’s a million degrees outside, but in the office, you may need a parka. At least, in my office, I feel like I do. Before you start laughing, I have legitimately worn gloves in that office to keep my fingers nice and warm, and part of that is because my desk is right under an air vent. For anyone who sits at a desk all day, and is under an air vent, you know the struggle. Instead of moving around a lot and creating that warmth and energy, you instead are just sitting there freezing. But then, you step outside, and are sweating within minutes (I live in Florida, remember. Literally, minutes). So what is a girl to do? Obviously, I have had to work through a bit of an outfit struggle, as I like to still look cute and professional, but would prefer not to freeze to death. So I learned how to dress up sundresses, which helps to keep me warm in the office, but I can shed these layers as soon as I go out for lunch or at the end of the day.

  1. Cardigans are your friend. I have plenty of sundresses that have strappy shoulders or thin straps, and while my office is fine with that, not everyone else’s is, so find a couple of cardigans in some fun colors, and really use that to add to your sundress. For me, I have a sundress that I absolutely love, and it is white with pops of pink and red flowers. I pair it with a red cardigan, and it looks adorable. Plus, that with my red lipstick, is a look that rocks.
  2. Find lightweight blazers. Blazers look professional and sharp, perfect for those days when you want to go all #girlboss, and they also will help keep you warm in that freezing office. I have a couple different styles, and for summertime I have some lighter material ones that are three quarter sleeves, and they are just right for pairing with a tank top or with one of my sundresses.
  3. Wear a cute pair of boots! It’s summertime, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear boots. If you’re unsure, I wrote another article about how to wear boots with sundresses, check it out and get inspired! There is nothing worse than having cold feet, and no way to warm them up when you work in Antarctica (ok, yes I’m being slightly dramatic, but only slightly).
  4. Add a lightweight jacket. This is really ideal, slip the jacket on when you get to work, and slip it off when you leave. It’s cute, it’s stylish, and it’s lightweight enough that you can comfortably wear it all day during work, and still be nice and warm.

Basically, go with layers. Layers are your friend during the summer. When you leave the office, shed those layers, and enjoy the feel of the summer sunshine as your limbs begin the defrosting process. Then when you have to go back in, take a breath, slip on your additional layers, and go back to the icy waters of work. Each of these tips will not only keep your warm, but they’ll also dress up a sundress and make it a bit more work appropriate. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to wear our cute dresses all the time because they’re not work appropriate, but with these tips, you may just be able to get away with it.


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