I Am Not Perfect…And Neither Are You

What is perfect? Perfection is something that we strive to attain, but really it’s completely unattainable. Not even a robot can reach perfect. So why do we try to be it so often? I personally am horrible about this. I have been striving for perfection since I was a kid. Be the perfect daughter, be the perfect student, be the perfect employee, be the perfect friend, you get the drift. And you know what, in all of those things I’ve failed at some point. I blew the perfect daughter thing when I put a baseball through a windshield (the family was not impressed with that one). Perfect student, well blew that when I failed a quiz, perfect students don’t fail quizzes. Perfect employee? Nope, I make mistakes, even when I’ve done a task a thousand times. Definitely have not been the perfect friend, but you know what is true about all of those things? I try. I try my best to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good employee. Am I attaining perfection? Nope, but I get up every day and try my best. And that to me, is pretty perfect.

We all have this idea that certain people are perfect. You know who I’m talking about. Maybe for you, it’s the super mom who manages to get her kids to all their after school activities, make snacks for the soccer team, have a spotless house, and always have dinner on the table ready for the kids and hubby when he gets home from work. Or maybe, it’s the person on Instagram who has a job they love, is able to travel as much as they want, and always has killer pics that just make you think everything in their life must be great. Well, that perfect person, it doesn’t exist. The super mom, she struggles, she makes mistakes, and that’s ok, because she wakes up every morning and she does her best. The person you see on Instagram? Well, they’re posting so much on Instagram because other aspects of their life aren’t always perfect. But we, as a society, seem obsessed with this idea of perfection, and we can’t seem to let other people see the imperfections. It can be so difficult for people to be real with one another, and part of that is because we want to hide our imperfections.

Look at dating. So often, when we go out on dates, we aren’t completely ourselves. Maybe we’re worried about what they’ll think of us, maybe we’re worried that we’ll be too weird for them. Maybe they’ll see a zit and be like “nope, can’t go out with her.” What are we so afraid of? When we are dating someone, we should want to be ourselves with them, we shouldn’t be hiding a part of ourselves in fear that they’ll see we aren’t perfect. They aren’t perfect either! And that’s what makes relationships work, two people loving each other despite the imperfections. You can like things about someone, and that’s great, you should, but you can love someone despite certain things, and that’s important to remember too.

Perfection is completely unattainable, and while it’s great to always do our best, it’s also important to remain true to yourself. You won’t be perfect, and that’s ok, you don’t have to be. You just have to be you, and that’s enough.


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