Christmas in NYC

For those who don’t know me, you may not know that I looove NYC. It is absolutely magical and breathtaking, and one of my favorite cities. I mean, it is home to Broadway, so how could it not be? Usually I try to go once a year to this magical place, for a couple of days, and see a show or two, and just enjoy everything the city has to offer, which is a lot.

Recently, I went to NYC for the weekend and everything was decorated for Christmas. Let me tell you, Christmas in NYC is stunning. I’ve always gone before or after, so I’ve never seen the tree at Rockefeller or the Rockettes Christmas show or any of the beautiful decorations that are just all over the place. So I was super excited to finally spend a weekend during the holiday season and enjoy some of the sites.


I was there for a total of three days, and it was wonderful. The first day I had a super early flight, and I flew in Friday morning. By the time we got through the airport and to the Uber and into the city, it was around lunchtime. We grabbed a bite to eat, checked into the hotel, and then the exploring started. First off, we got tickets to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular for that afternoon, and let me tell you, it was spectacular. I love dancing, and I used to do ballet and a few other styles as a kid, and seeing so much of that was just stunning. And they’re so in sync! Because we were right there, we popped by the Rockefeller Center to check out the tree. Of course, the tree is huge, and stunning, but even more so at night. So while I took a few pictures, the real draw was to see it at nighttime with all the lights. From there we just wandered around, before and after the show, saw the beautiful display at Saks Fifth Avenue- every window was Snow White related. Gorgeous!


Day two was Broadway day! I had gotten us tickets to see Anastasia the musical months before the trip, and let me tell you, that show did not disappoint. The actors were absolutely flawless, and everything was perfect. The music, the lights, the set, I truly felt like I was transported to Petersburg, and it definitely was over too quickly. After that, we had to grab some of our favorite cheesecake ever at Junior’s. You know a place is popular when there is a line out the door for to go orders in 30 degree weather. It was chilly, but oh my goodness, this stuff is so worth the wait.

Day three we did some shopping and just wandered around, as we had a flight to catch that evening back to Florida. Everywhere had Christmas lights and decorations all around, and for the most part, the weather was perfect. No snow, but definitely cold enough that snow was on its way. The last day did offer some rain, which with all the skyscrapers around, made it a little dark and gloomy, but since the other days were bright and clear, it wasn’t too terrible. At least it held off until we were leaving!

Overall, while some of the crowds were absolutely ridiculous to try to get through, there is definitely something magical about NYC at Christmas, and I’d highly recommend taking some time to go see everything. It’s worth it, I promise.

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