Ways to Wear Your Lilly Into Fall

I love fall. It’s the start of cold weather, holiday flavored beverages, and the holidays. A time meant for being with family and being thankful for everything that God has blessed you with. Leaves are changing, so are clocks, and so is fashion. Sadly, when we come into fall, we have to say goodbye to our summer wardrobe. As a Florida girl, I love Lilly Pulitzer styles. They’re lightweight and cute, and perfect for the mostly year-round heat we experience. But on those occasional days when it does cool down, I still want to be able to wear my Lilly. So here are some tips on ways to wear your Lilly into fall.

  1. Wear darker prints. We know Lilly Pulitzer is known for her bright prints, but some of her prints do use darker colors in the mix or as the base. As we move into the fall and winter months, switch to your more muted Lilly’s and leave the hot pinks and yellows for spring.
  2. Add a cozy cardigan. Most of Lilly’s items are short-sleeved or lightweight, because the brand was designed in Florida. So for those days when we get a bit of a nip in the air, especially in the mornings and at night, add a cozy cardigan to keep warm.IMG_1145
  3. Wear with boots! I love boots, they’re cute and comfy and go with just about everything. Including, those long sleeve Lilly dresses. So pair up a few, and you have a great wardrobe for work even in the fall months, without having to go buy more clothes.IMG_1139
  4. Mix with darker pieces. For those days that you absolutely can’t resist throwing on that hot pink and navy blue print, pair with a pair of navy pants or a skirt, something to help mute the outfit. This way, you can still wear your summery prints, without looking too much like you don’t know what season you’re in.
  5. Go tropical! If all else fails, or you just hate cold weather, go hide from it on a tropical island where it is summer all the time. No one there will bat an eye at your brightly colored Lilly.

In all seriousness though, there are so many great ways to add Lilly into your fall wardrobe, including accenting your outfit with a stylish scarf. As much as I love shopping and buying new pieces, I also love saving money, and this is a great way to spruce up some fall/winter outfits, all with items already in my closet.



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