Fall 2017 Fab Fit Fun Box

There are very few things I subscribe to. Netflix, FabFitFun, and a few other things are pretty much all I subscribe to. Normally, I wouldn’t have even gotten into the subscription boxes, because they normally are just sample sizes or things I don’t ever use, so I never saw the purpose. I have been getting the Fab Fit Fun box for over a year now, and not only are the products full-size, but they are also things I actually use! For $50 a box, that makes it definitely worth it for me.


So I decided to give you guys a breakdown of what came in this Fab Fit Fun box.

  1. An adorable gym bag. Mine says “Gym & Juice” and while the other choice is cute, “Will Work Out for Cupcake” I’m pretty happy with mine.
  2. Mohr Charcoal teeth whitener kit. I am super excited to try this, as I’ve been a little bit afraid to try one from the store due to all the chemicals in it. This one is all-natural, so I feel much better about giving it a try. And since I love holiday coffee drinks, I could definitely use a brighter smile.
  3. Trestique lip crayon. It’s a gorgeous pink matte color that is perfect for fall. And you can never go wrong with a dark pink.
  4. Heart shaped jewelry holder. It’s rose gold, keeping it super trendy, and it’s just adorable.
  5. Deco cuticle oil. After my minor hand surgery, my cuticles are a mess. So I am all for something to help them out, especially as weather is supposed to turn colder. Florida girl, remember?
  6. Whish renewing mud mask. I’ve actually never tried a mud mask. Face masks, yes, never mud. So I’m interested to see how many years younger I look after it 🙂
  7. Hot and cold gel pack. Sprain your ankle? Pop this in the freezer, and you’ll be better in no time. Have a horrible backache? Put it in the microwave and relax.
  8. Black B-Low the Belt. It’s super soft, and can be cut to size.
  9. Mer-Sea wrap. It’s super soft, and is large enough to wrap around yourself on chilly plane flights or layer for those snow days I don’t get.


Excuse the workout attire, I had already fit in my “fit” portion of they day before I opened the box.

As I said before, all of these items are great, but they’re full size! I cannot rave about these boxes enough, I even convinced my co-worker to order one. She is anxiously awaiting her box, so I said I’d share some spoilers here. Definitely look into it, I’ve gotten so many adorable/useful things from this box. Some I love, some are ok, but the point is, I get to really try them out and see if they work for me.



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