7 Ways a Long Distance Best Friend is Better

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I really hate that my bestie lives in a different state. We went from being sorority sisters and seeing each other every day to having to vacation just to hang out in person. It was definitely a tough transition, but as I try to do, I’ve searched for the light in the darkness. So, I’ve found 7 ways a long distance best friend is better.

  1. Seeing each other is a vacation…literally. She and I have been alternating who sees who each year, starting with her coming back to Jax for my college graduation. Since then, I’ve gone up to see her college campus a few times and have an extended weekend, and she’s come down here for a few days. Is it hard to cram everything into a couple of days? Sure, but since we make a vacation out of it, it just makes it that much more fun.
  2. I do actually talk on the phone now. Besides with my parents. And I must say, it’s rather nice to have someone to call when life gets rough. Especially when you both can complain about being single and gripe about the guys in your different areas. Plus, Facetime wine nights are always a fun time.
  3. I get more mail. Especially around birthdays and holidays. Since we can’t see each other in person, we send our cards and gifts through snail mail. And I must say, it’s always a nice surprise to see a package from my bestie.
  4. I get to meet new people through her. From visiting her in college to Facetiming with her and her new roomies, I get to meet new people who I’d never have a chance to otherwise.
  5. All the social media shares. Having a long distance best friend means that every post, every picture, it gets a like, and we are constantly sharing articles about being best friends or each other’s “person.” That can make a bad day seem better.
  6. It’s a true test of friendship. You know a friendship is real when you’ve been friends longer long distance than you were living in the same apartment complex. Sadly, she moved away after I had known her for only about a year, but that hasn’t affected our bond at all.
  7. Every time we do see each other, it’s more heartfelt. I don’t get to see my bestie but once a year, sometimes less than that, so when we do finally get to see each other, not a moment is wasted. We are going out, catching up, and jumping right back into the friendship.


Now, do I wish I had my bestie here when I have a broken heart and need someone to cry and eat cookie dough and watch Nicholas Sparks movies with? Completely. But, since I can’t, it’s important to find the positives. We always focus on what we’re missing, but it’s so important to focus on what we have. I have a best friend who has listened to me cry for about 45 minutes, rolled off my couch from one too many glasses of wine, and has had epic adventures in Georgia with me. Is our friendship perfect? Not a chance. But we make this whole long distance friendship work, and we find the positives in our lives.

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