Supporting Others is a Powerful Thing

We all know how important support is. We hear about it when a celebrity gives a speech after winning an award, or at a graduation dinner, when the graduate is thanking family and friends for their support. Support is offered in many ways. There’s emotional support, of being there when a friend calls you crying; physical support of actually lifting someone up, literally, when they’ve fallen or need your help; financial support, helping your child through college or lending money to a friend who can’t afford rent; the list goes on. Support is something that we all need in order to succeed. It’s nice to think that we could do something all on our own, but reality is, it just makes life more difficult that way.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful support system. I have some amazing friends, and amazing family that has supported me in many big life choices, and in many life moments where I feel I would have fallen without it. Sadly though, I have also had many experiences where those that I let into my life chose not to support me. Recently, I was discussing a potential venture with someone, and was told it would be a failure if I did it the way I wanted to. He opted not to even fully listen to what I was saying, without knowing the full idea, immediately said it would fail. Well, whether it fails or not, I was disappointed by the negativity and lack of support, but it showed me something important. I already knew there would be people who supported you, and there would be others who tried to drag you down. What it helped to show me though, was that I don’t have to keep people who drag me down in my life. So he’s not really a part of it anymore.

A support system will be there for you, even if the idea fails, even if you fall flat on your face. That’s what they’re there for. If they were only giving you support in the good times, it would make the bad times even more lonely. I’ve learned over the years that as nice as it is to have those people who say they’ll support you through it all, oftentimes, when the sky crashes down on you, they disappear. Instead, you find out who truly deserves to be a part of your circle. They’re the ones who will offer unconditional support, those who will talk with you about the future and not say it’ll fail. Who are they to say that anyway? Last time I checked, God is the only one who knows what is going to happen, and He’s the one in charge. Yes, it may fail, but if it does, you have friends and family to lean on. You have that support system to help you get back up on your feet, to get up 100 times after failing 99.

Your support system doesn’t have to be perfect, and they don’t even have to be there all the time. One of my biggest supporters is in another state. I know though, that if my world were to start crashing down again, that she would be on the phone with me instantly. Sometimes, all the emotional support that you need is someone listening to you cry for an hour, and just being there. There may be nothing they can do, but letting you cry it out and letting you know that they are there, that they care, that’s the support you need in some situations. It’s driving 2 1/2 hours each way in a day to pursue a crazy dream with someone you care about, or doing something extra like rebuilding a fence that was knocked down. Those are things that offer support in this crazy world.

With everything going on in the world, it can be difficult to believe that there are still good things, especially if you’re surrounded by negative people. I can assure you, there are good ones out there who care about you, and want to offer their support. If you find that someone close to you is tearing you down, and not offering you the support you need, then remove them from your life. You don’t need someone who isn’t willing to support you in your efforts. Instead, you need someone who will say “Ok, it might fail, but I’m here for you no matter what.”


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