15 Unique Date Ideas

Hey y’all. So I know that coming up with creative date ideas can be difficult. Sometimes people just get stuck in a rut and need a little help getting out of it. That’s what I’m hear for. Now, we all know by now my dating history isn’t that extensive, but with that said, some of these are dates I have gone on, and others are proven through friends. So, whether you are plucking up the courage to ask that cute guy you know, or you’re trying to think of a creative way to get that girl to say yes for sure, then you have come to the right place. Here’s 15 unique date ideas.

  1. Top Golf- This is a fairly new place, at least in certain areas, but it is extremely popular. What isn’t there to like, you can hit some golf balls, talk, grab dinner and drinks, and quite possibly fall in love under the stars. And the fluorescent lights. But you get my drift. Here’s a link, see if there’s one in your area:
  2. Beach picnic- We’ve all heard about the romantic picnics, but I especially love being at the beach. If your future date loves to be near the water, pack a beach picnic. It’s cute, you get points for romance and creativity (no worries, you don’t have to share where you got the idea), and they’re sure to love being able to spend time with you. Make sure to pack all the essentials though, no one wants to get out to the beach with dinner, only to realize you forget utensils.
  3. Disney- This is only one of my favorite places. I love Disney, I guess I’m still a child at heart, but the romance and the magic just gets me every time. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get to know someone. I mean, you’re going to wait in line for hours, that’s the perfect time to talk and get to know likes and dislikes, etc. Another benefit though, you’re able to walk off some of your nervous energy, especially if this is still early in the relationship.
  4. Ice skating- I am all for being active, and even though I am a born and raised Florida girl, there is nothing better than hitting the ice for a couple hours. I’ve been on an ice skating first date, and I must say, it was really fun. It’s less awkward than forcing yourself to sit across from someone at dinner, but you still get to talk and get to know the person. Plus, if you’re competitive, you get the added bonus of competing with your SO on the ice. Win-Win.
  5. Trail ride- if both you and your SO like horses, then this is not only a fun time, but it can be a fun date. There is nothing like being on horseback, and getting to know the cutie you have your eye on makes it even better. It’s a great time to relax, get out in nature, and enjoy each other’s company.
  6. Rooftop drinks- If you’re in a city, you can really enjoy this. There is something extra romantic about getting drinks on a rooftop surrounded by city lights. It’s just perfect, and it’s a great way to get to know someone. Have a drink or two, chit chat, enjoy the beautiful night, and see what happens from there.
  7. Hayride- Fall is right around the corner, which means snuggling up together on a bale of hay is a perfect activity. You can talk, laugh, enjoy the weather, be out under the stars, and just have a good time.
  8. Sledding- For those who have snow, which I’m jealous, y’all get to try this, I don’t, it’s a fun way to be active, while still getting to know someone. Hiking up those hills after sledding down can take some time, so you may as well get to know your SO a little better on the way up.
  9. Bowling- Not quite as unique as some of the others, but still a great date night idea. This one is especially good if it’s a first date. It’s casual, but you can still get to know each other without just sitting down for dinner and a movie.
  10. Dance lesson- Taking a salsa dance class is a ton of fun. I will warn you though, if you cannot dance, I highly suggest waiting quite a while to suggest this. If you want to do this as a first date, can’t dance, and step all over her toes, it’ll be kind of hard to get a second date. Especially if she can dance. Speaking from experience here guys, I was limping all weekend 🙂
  11. Rock climbing wall- This is great, I personally love a date when I don’t have to worry quite as much about my hair and makeup (don’t get me wrong, dressing up is great, but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit more casual). It can get competitive, you can talk, and enjoy each other’s company, while getting in a great workout. Plus, who doesn’t like to try a rock wall?
  12. The zoo- This is a great way to get out any nervous energy by walking around, looking at different, cute animals, and getting to know each other.
  13. Putt putt golf- A personal favorite of mine, I love putt putt golfing. It’s fun and competitive. Worst case, if you run out of stuff to talk about, just trash talk each other’s playing.
  14. Try out an escape room- I haven’t been in one yet, but I’ve heard great things about them. You have to work together to find a way out. Best case, you two are a perfect match and have a great time. Worse case, you don’t work together that well, but you still have a good time following the clues.
  15. Watch a movie under the stars- You will definitely get romance points for this one! What’s more romantic than sitting under the stars? Nothing. Just make sure if it’s summer time you bring bug spray. No one likes being eaten alive on a date. But bring some pillows, blankets, set up a screen, and lay back and enjoy the show.

So ditch that typical dinner and movie idea, and change it up a bit. Just try to think about what you both would like, and go with it. Just remember, be yourself, and have fun! And if it doesn’t work out, at least you had fun that night, even if the date wasn’t stellar.



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