T-Shirt Quilts, A New Kind of Upcycling

Ever since I joined Kappa Alpha Theta, I have had a great time with my sisters and representing my sorority. We always have a blast going anywhere, and I am always filled with a sense of pride when I wear my letters, even four years out of college. The only downside to my sorority life, is all the extra things that I’ve gathered.

I have a huge collection of t-shirts from every event. Not sure why, but it’s basically an unwritten law that if there is an event on campus that we were a part of, we had to have a shirt to go with it. I gathered probably close to thirty shirts, all for different events. While I love having them as they bring back memories of each event, I also have nowhere to put them in my closet. So after a bit of research and thinking, I’ve decided to upcycle my shirts, the sorority girl way. I’m going to take all of my shirts and make them into a quilt. A few sisters of mine have done that with their clothing, and I know my freshman year roomie had a t-shirt quilt made from all of her old lacrosse shirts from high school. When done properly, it can look really cute, and be a fun way to keep the shirts, without losing that all too valuable drawer space that I desperately need.

I’ve gathered a few different sites that offer different packages for t-shirt quilts depending on what best fits your needs.

  • -this site offers you the ability to choose how many t-shirts you want to use in your quilt. You choose the size and all the details, then you box up your shirts and send them over. When they’re done, you get everything back in a beautiful quilt that captures all of your memories. Prices vary depending on the size of the quilt, but overall it’s a great option for you to get some use out of those old t-shirts again.
  • -this site is great because you can mix a variety of things. So it doesn’t just have to be t-shirts, but it could be old sweatshirts, t-shirts, even old blanket scraps.
  • -this is another great option. You can use any number of t-shirts you need, and it’s not going to be done row by row, but rather more of a mismatched style, which if you’re like me, you love how that style makes chaos organized.

Any of these are great options for designing your t-shirt quilt and keeping your memories there, without just sitting in a closet abandoned.


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