6 Things To Remember For Those Days You Just Don’t Feel You Did Enough

We all have those days you just don’t feel you did enough. You have a giant to-do list, and unexpected things keep popping up and you’re just not getting through that list like you thought you had, like you planned on. It happens, but it can make us feel like failures.

Here’s 6 things to remember for those days you just don’t feel you did enough.

  1. You’re only one person. Yeah, I know people are out there saying that you and Beyonce both have 24 hours in a day. Well, technically, that is true, but Beyonce has a professional driver, chef, maid, personal assistant, and nanny, last time I checked, unless you have her money, odds are you don’t have any of that. I think I’d get more done too if I didn’t have to cook, clean, or plan out my day myself. So cut yourself some slack.
  2. Take it one task at a time. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all that I need to accomplish in a day, I sometimes jump from one task to another, never actually completing anything. So sure, I start my to-do list, but I never get to check anything off at the end of the day. That can definitely make me feel like I didn’t get enough done in a day, since nothing got completed. So instead of bouncing around from task to task, start at the top of your list, and only move on when a task is completely finished.
  3. Take a minute to breathe. Having a giant to-do list looming over you can definitely make you feel stressed, and for most people, stress ultimately works against us. So take a minute to yourself. I know, you don’t have time to get it all done, and now I want you to take time to breathe? I must be crazy. But I promise you, it’s for your well-being.
  4. Get a good night’s rest. It’s so much harder to get stuff done when you’re trudging through that list on about 3 hours of sleep. For most people, it just doesn’t work, and even though you think you’re getting more done by staying up late, odds are you’re going to be more distracted, less sharp, and not be able to work as quickly, so you actually lose that time you thought you were making up.
  5. Eat the frog. Weird saying, right? But it means, when you get up in the morning, knock out that big task that you have looming over you. If you get it done right away, you will feel more energized and more able to get the smaller stuff done throughout the day, rather than procrastinating your day away avoiding that big task.
  6. Write down everything you did accomplish. Maybe you weren’t able to get to the grocery store or you didn’t get a chance to vacuum the house. But I bet you will feel better if you write down all that you did get done. I love to-do lists, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes rather than helping me, they just make me feel bummed when I don’t get as much done. Usually, that’s because unexpected things came up that weren’t accounted for on the list. If you write down all of those on a task-completed list, you may feel better about your day.

Just keep in mind, you’re not alone with your struggle. We all have days where things just don’t go according to plan, and we don’t accomplish what we needed to. It happens, it’s all a part of this crazy thing we call life. But just because it didn’t happen that day, doesn’t mean you don’t have tomorrow. Each sunrise is a new day where you can accomplish new goals. But don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t able to cook that gourmet meal and you have to just order in. Balancing a job, working out, having a social life, getting enough sleep, and getting everything that needs to be done done, is not an easy task. Just make sure you get the important stuff done, the stuff you need for your physical and mental health, and you’ll be good.


T-Shirt Quilts, A New Kind of Upcycling

Ever since I joined Kappa Alpha Theta, I have had a great time with my sisters and representing my sorority. We always have a blast going anywhere, and I am always filled with a sense of pride when I wear my letters, even four years out of college. The only downside to my sorority life, is all the extra things that I’ve gathered.

I have a huge collection of t-shirts from every event. Not sure why, but it’s basically an unwritten law that if there is an event on campus that we were a part of, we had to have a shirt to go with it. I gathered probably close to thirty shirts, all for different events. While I love having them as they bring back memories of each event, I also have nowhere to put them in my closet. So after a bit of research and thinking, I’ve decided to upcycle my shirts, the sorority girl way. I’m going to take all of my shirts and make them into a quilt. A few sisters of mine have done that with their clothing, and I know my freshman year roomie had a t-shirt quilt made from all of her old lacrosse shirts from high school. When done properly, it can look really cute, and be a fun way to keep the shirts, without losing that all too valuable drawer space that I desperately need.

I’ve gathered a few different sites that offer different packages for t-shirt quilts depending on what best fits your needs.

  • -this site offers you the ability to choose how many t-shirts you want to use in your quilt. You choose the size and all the details, then you box up your shirts and send them over. When they’re done, you get everything back in a beautiful quilt that captures all of your memories. Prices vary depending on the size of the quilt, but overall it’s a great option for you to get some use out of those old t-shirts again.
  • -this site is great because you can mix a variety of things. So it doesn’t just have to be t-shirts, but it could be old sweatshirts, t-shirts, even old blanket scraps.
  • -this is another great option. You can use any number of t-shirts you need, and it’s not going to be done row by row, but rather more of a mismatched style, which if you’re like me, you love how that style makes chaos organized.

Any of these are great options for designing your t-shirt quilt and keeping your memories there, without just sitting in a closet abandoned.

Skin Cancer Scare

Hey y’all. So I wanted to talk about a topic that has recently become an important factor in how I live my life and my day to day habits. Currently, it’s the hottest time of the year, at least for us in Florida until September. Now, as a born and raised Floridian, that usually means beach days or time spent at the water park or hanging by the pool working on that glorious tan.

Recently, I went to a dermatologist and had to have four spots removed. Normally, they find a spot or two that looks suspicious, but when they scrape a bit off and remove it, it always comes back negative for anything and completely fine. Well, I had my appointment, waited two weeks, and called the office for the results. Out of the four spots, 3 were fine. One however, came back as severely atypical. For those of you who don’t know what that means, since I didn’t, the doctor explained that it means my freckle was either already turned cancerous, or it had an extremely high likelihood of doing so. The problem was, they weren’t sure which it was, and I had to go in for a minor procedure where they took more of it, in a larger area, to ensure that they not only got all of those atypical cells, but also had enough to properly test and find out what was going on.

This spot was on my right hand, on my middle finger. I’m ambidextrous, but prefer to use my right hand for many tasks. When I went in for my procedure, I was prepared to either get stitches or have some algae packed in that would help it heal and keep it closed up. Well, upon review of where exactly the spot was, it was determined that I would get neither, as there wasn’t enough skin for stitches, and they prefer not to use the algae for fingers. So instead, they were going to cauterize the wound and leave me with a gaping hole that would eventually heal on its own with proper wound care.


Pic is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.

Well, I’m not going to lie, a needle in your finger hurts, especially right by the nail. What hurt even more though, was the fact that at one point, he didn’t numb me far enough out, and I felt him cutting through my skin. Turns out a “whoops that shouldn’t have happened” doesn’t make you feel very confident in your doctor. Thankfully, besides that one instance, I didn’t feel a thing. The cauterizing definitely is not the most pleasant smell, go figure, burning skin, but it didn’t hurt, and it helped stop the bleeding. Which, as we all know, fingers bleed, a lot.

After my procedure, I was told to minimize movement of my hand and put my arm in a sling. No kidding, a sling. I work on computers all day, and I didn’t want to take any sick time, so I adapted and worked with one hand. Not the best experience, but it definitely made me super thankful that I was only having to do that for a short amount of time. I also have not been able to play tennis, and have had to be very careful about not hitting it on random surfaces, otherwise I cause a nice throbbing sensation to go through my finger for a few minutes. It’s fun.

After anxiously waiting another two weeks, I called the office and got told that I was good, there was no need to have anything else removed, that they had gotten enough. Unfortunately, whenever you go in for a procedure like that, there’s always a chance that they will have to call you back in to get a little more.

Now, mine had a good ending thankfully, except for the fact that as I write this, my finger is still bandaged. I am going 10 weeks after this whole thing started. I have new skin growing in, but it definitely is taking its time. However, not everyone is as lucky as I am. I’m only 24 years old, but now I have had a scare that requires I see a dermatologist every 6 months. So many others I know haven’t even seen a dermatologist, and they’ve been Floridians their whole lives. I’m writing to stress the importance of it. It’s definitely not the most fun, but it is so absolutely necessary. Yes, I will have a weird spot on my hand forever now. And yes, I have a few other weird spots from where they took samples. But, knowing that skin cancer is one of the most deadly, and yet also the most preventable, I feel thankful.

So guys, seriously, get an appointment to see a dermatologist. Even if you think you have nothing that fits the spectrum of weird spots. Guess what, my freckle on my hand, it didn’t fit any of the signs they tell us to watch out for. It was small, perfectly round, one color, and I’d had it for years and years without it changing. Also, wear sunscreen. I know, it smells weird, makes you feel sticky or oily. It doesn’t matter, it is so important to wear sunscreen and protect your skin. I love laying out by the pool or spending time outside with friends, but I also know that every sunburn I get, takes me one step closer to skin cancer. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take, especially not after having to deal with my skin being cut up. Just wear the sunscreen, get proper tinting on your vehicle, whatever you need to do to protect your skin during this heat. Plus, excessive sun leads to wrinkles and leathery looking skin. None of us want that.

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