You’re Exactly Where He Wants You to Be

I believe that God sets us up for exactly what we need, even if we don’t always understand it or see what the bigger plan is. I had been searching for a job for about 2 years after graduating from college and was working full time in retail just to be able to pay my bills. It was tough, but I am a persistent person, and a hard worker, so I always made sure to send out about 5 resumes and applications a day, even after working all day long. I tried everything, I took time on my days off to apply for many more jobs, I went on countless interviews, and I even got a few job offers, but none of them felt “right” to me. There was always some feeling in my gut about those job offers that made me turn it down. I couldn’t really explain it, though I made an excuse for each one. “It would have me making less than I am now,” or “I’m already in a commission based job, I don’t need to switch to another one.” While it seemed odd to me to not just jump at the first job that was offered, I stayed true to my gut feeling, and stayed the course I was on. Then one day, my neighbor walked over to my mom’s garage sale while I was at work. Lo and behold, he worked for a digital marketing company, and with my mom’s amazing sales pitch, she got his email for me, and I submitted my resume to him the next day. I didn’t even know what I was applying for, but I was desperate to get my name out there and find a job in my field. Well, I got an interview with the Project Manager and Admin of the company, and I also got the flu the same day. I went anyway, after taking my DayQuil of course, and walked out feeling like a complete failure. I was certain that I answered everything all wrong, and that they had no place for me in that company, as I hadn’t gone to school for anything they did. A couple of days later I got the job offer. Without hesitation, I accepted, and spoke to my then-employer about my two weeks notice. No excuses about how I would make less money, or that it wasn’t specifically what I went to school for. No nothing, just acceptance of a job that I couldn’t have been more grateful for.

I’ve gone to the same hair stylist for years, because she’s the only one here I trust to touch my hair and not make a mess of it. Because we are similar ages, we always catch up on the latest with each other’s lives, and about a year ago, she and her family had just gone through some serious health issues. Well, I don’t know what else went on in their lives, as far as what people said or did to help, but I know a few months later, I started going through my own personal hell when someone very close to me got a cancer diagnosis and my world turned upside down. I went to this same hair stylist to cut my hair and donate what I could to someone who was fighting cancer and wouldn’t have their hair. Well, of course we started talking and I shared with her what was going on, as we all do with our hair stylists. What I didn’t expect was the woman next to me to also have had a similar experience with someone close to her getting cancer a few years back. She overheard me talking about why I was in there, and what was going on with my life, and she reached over and tapped my arm and explained that she had a similar situation, and then she asked me if she could pray with me, right then and there, and in the future. Let that sink in for a minute. This to me, was an absolutely amazing experience, and something that I needed at that moment. I guess you could say God set me up at the right moment to meet someone who would forever impact my life. I don’t even know her name, she didn’t introduce herself, but yet I feel like I know so much about her.

Now you may be wondering how those two stories connect. A few months after I got the job, that was when the health issues started. If I had stayed in the retail job, I would have gone days without pay, and I wouldn’t have been able to miss much work, because that’s the hard fact about retail. With that job that I accepted, I was able to send my boss a text when the nightmare began simply saying that we were going to the hospital. The next day, I had to send a text saying that it was cancer. There wasn’t mention of how I needed to come in to the office, instead there was just understanding and patience for someone grieving and going through a huge amount of change that she wasn’t ready for. There were countless appointments after that, and two surgeries, and with each one came this amazing understanding. I was allowed to work later on certain days to make up the hours, given the ability to work from home, to work from the hospital, to duck out suddenly if something came up. I was given an afternoon off to sleep, but wound up in the ER instead. I was given a flexibility that I will forever be grateful for, because it’s not something that had to be done. It wasn’t a requirement for me to have that time off, and any boss would have been perfectly acceptable to not allow me the time off when I asked for it. But he didn’t, and he made sure that I had a support system at work when I needed it most. I know that in retail it just wouldn’t have worked out the same way. I wouldn’t have been able to afford all that missed work time, as there aren’t sick days or vacation days when you work in retail sales. It was all a part of God’s plan to set me up in a position where I would be able to do both, where I could learn something new, contribute to my company, and still be able to help my family in that horrible time. Even though it was months out, I was being set up for exactly what I needed, even if I didn’t understand it at the time.

I guess the point of this is to trust Him. Even if something makes absolutely no sense to you at the time, even if you don’t understand why your instincts and your gut are telling you to do one thing, just go with it. It’s God’s work keeping you on the path you need to be. He won’t lead you astray, and He will always give you exactly what you need, sometimes before you even realize you need it.


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