When We Think Positively We Change Our Lives

I am a huge proponent in positive thinking and in positive actions. I believe that when you have positive thoughts and do things that support these positive thoughts, that you will have a positive outcome from it. Well, my mom spent some time in the hospital this weekend, and while we were there we had a doctor come in who had the same mindset. He has been practicing for over 40 years, and is still going strong, and he said the most important thing was having positive thoughts. He’s an oncologist, and that means he has seen the absolute worst of things. So we were talking and he was saying how if you think positive, and you truly believe in something, you will be able to affect your outcome in a positive manner. While I don’t believe that we can actually control our fate, as that is in God’s hands, I do believe that positive thoughts lead to positives in your life. Think of it as the placebo effect. For those who don’t know, the placebo effect is when your mind believes that you are being healed from a placebo (a sugar pill) and your symptoms actually decrease or disappear altogether. It’s very common in psychological and medical studies, and all the research shows just how powerful our minds are.

Here’s five examples where powerful positive thinking actually makes a difference in our lives.
  1. Medicine. As mentioned before, the placebo effect is common in the medical field, and shows us that even with a sugar pill, in some cases, our mind just has to think we are being healed to actually heal itself.
  2. Cancer. According to many doctors and nurses in the oncology field, it really is all about that positive mindset that you are going to beat it. While there are several studies that push for that being true and being false, there is no definitive answer on that yet. You just have to believe that it helps.
  3. Increased life span. According to the Mayo Clinic, having a good positive mindset actually helps you to live longer.
  4. Lower levels of depression. 
  5. A better immune system.
The last three are all cited from the Mayo Clinic website, and are actually still tied to the placebo effect. While they do not know why or how this correlation is there, they do know that it exists. There could be a number of reasons, some being that positive thinkers are more likely to handle disappointments and life obstacles better because of their positive mindsets. Or perhaps because they are more positive about things, they exercise more and lead healthier lifestyles. It’s hard to say when it’s a correlation, and while correlation does not mean causation, a correlation should not be ignored. 
So overall, when life gets you down, try to remain positive. It will get better, just have a little faith, and try to find a positive each day that you can really focus on. Some days it’s easier than others, but think of it as a challenge. I’m trying to do the same thing myself, that way I can focus on my blessings and the positives in my life, rather than dwell on all the negatives. 

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