Dress to Impress

When I was in college, one of my sorority sisters and I came up with this fashion “rule.” It’s a rule that we made up, for ourselves, but it’s a way we ensure that we look presentable at all points in our lives. After all, you never know who you are going to run into at the store, or out running a quick errand after work. Our point was to always look presentable.

To keep up, we came up with a 2 out of 3 fashion rule. Let me break it down for you: we have three things on our scale, which includes your outfit, hair, and makeup. So out of those three things at all times when you are out in class, or you are going to the store, or meeting a sister for coffee, you have to have 2 out of the 3 things done nicely. So, if you are feeling more loungy and want to wear sweatpants or yoga pants to meet a friend for coffee, you have to have your hair straightened or done nicely (no messy buns!) and you have to have done your makeup for the day. That way you still look like you care a little about your appearance, but you still are able to be comfortable in your yoga pants. Same thing if you have a bad hair day (be honest, we all have them). You would be able to throw your hair up in a ponytail or just leave it not so great, but you would counteract that look by having your makeup done and by wearing a cute outfit. And then finally, if you don’t feel like wearing makeup, at least ensure that your hair looks cute, and so does your outfit. Now, ideally, you would be able to have all 3 items checked off each day, to look your best, but we did want to make sure we allowed for days when you didn’t feel so good, or you were running late for an exam.

We devised this rule after a not so pleasant sorority chapter in which we had to discuss personal attire. Now, generally the thought most people have with sorority girls is along the lines of Legally Blonde as far as blonde, dressed in pink, and cookie cutter. This was definitely not my sorority, we were not cookie cutter, we did not all wear pink, and we all were definitely not blonde. Which was great, we did not fit the sorority mold, but we had a great sisterhood. One of the things we did not have that my sister and I wished we did, was an importance of representing ourselves and our sisterhood well through fashion. My Big and I are also very into fashion and like to look our best because we know how quickly first impressions are made (within 3 seconds of someone seeing you), and we never knew who we were going to see around campus. Plus, looking like a slob in class, not exactly something I wanted my professors to think of me as. But, not everyone in the sorority had the same feelings we did, so we actually had to discuss how to dress while representing the chapter. Seems like that is not something we should have had to do, and it was one of the things I did not love about my sorority. But we did, and the presenters of this pretty much said the same things we had said about ensuring that we look presentable at all times, and we dress well, especially when we had letters on. For everyone outside the sorority, they may only see that one girl with our letters, and we always want to represent our chapter well, and give it a good image.

It may seem harsh to some, or even superficial that we were that concerned with how we look, but it’s all based on psychological facts. Humans are extremely shallow, and judge so much based on how it looks, including people. Now, that’s not necessarily how it should be (hence the age old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”), but it is how it goes. So unfortunately, you can fight it, or you can go with it. I personally love fashion and clothes, and doing my hair and makeup, so for me, it’s not a difficult task. I have modeled and been in commercials before, and I know if I had not made sure I looked a certain way, I would have never had those opportunities. I also know that I could run into a future employer, or really anyone that I want to impress, and I would be mortified if their opinion of me was that I didn’t care about my appearance at all. That says something about your personality, and many people think that if you don’t care about your appearance, then you probably don’t care about anything else like your job, or your house, etc. It’s not fair, but it’s perception. So while everyone has their own ideas about this, mine is simple. Dress to impress. You never know who God is going to place in your path today, and you never know what opportunities you may be afforded, so you should try to look your best when you get them.

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