Powerful Women

Women go through a lot. Each month, we are visited by Mother Nature, and forced to go about our lives, despite the fact that a large majority of women suffer through intense pain each month with that visitor. From there, when we don’t get the monthly visitor, we actually grow another human being in our bodies. That’s mind boggling in itself. My Little sister is pregnant right now, she just started her third trimester, and is handling her pregnancy beautifully. But I know, this is just the beginning. She is going to go through childbirth, and then raising her beautiful baby girl, and sending her off to school, and college, and becoming a grandmother. All from a baby bump in her stomach. Our bodies take a beating. Each month, we get an idea of what contractions feel like (thanks for that, because the bleeding part isn’t enough), and we just go about our business taking pain pills, and hogging the heating pad. I work with all guys, and I guarantee you that none of them even know when I’m dealing with that pain, because our society has trained me to just keep going. Sure, I’m in so much pain that I feel sick, or I literally don’t want to move. But they don’t know any of this, because I have to just keep going with my life. I mean, it’s a monthly event, I can’t take off work just for that pesky visitor I have. Let me tell you, it’s exhausting. By the end of the day, I’m so worn out, I want to just fall asleep on the couch, because I have no more energy left.

This is just a monthly thing. All over the world, women are sending their babies off into the world, and praying that they find their way and are able to catch those lofty dreams. Women sacrifice so much for their children. My mom gave up so much for me, just to make sure I was comfortable. And I know, when she had a bad cold, she didn’t want to take me to my ballet class, she just wanted to curl up and sleep; but she didn’t. Instead, she made dinner, and then drove me to ballet, where she then sat for an hour watching me and a bunch of other miniature ballerinas twirling around a dance floor. The sacrifices that she has made for me are numerous, and there is no way I can ever begin to repay her. When we were barely able to pay bills, she still managed to get me a beautiful prom dress that she shouldn’t have. But because it was my senior prom, she made it happen. She has put herself through physical and emotional pain to be there for me in ways that no one else would. That’s how powerful a mother’s love is. She will go through pain and suffering and not know how she’s going to pay the rent, and not mention a word of it to her child, because she wants that child to have a perfect life. She will put herself below her family, and even when she has absolutely no energy to move off the couch, the minute she hears “MOM!” she is up and running to her child, just to make sure everything is ok.

When you hurt, your mom hurts. She goes through every breakup with you, and her heart aches simply because yours does. She may have hated him, but she hurts over the fact he dumped you through a text because you’re hurting. She can’t stand the guy that led you on, and then disappeared without a word. Because he hurt her baby, and that hurts her. Women go through so much physical and emotional pain, and it’s a truly remarkable thing to think of all women go through for others, especially their children.

I want to have kids in the future, and I want to be able to be strong for them. I also don’t know how I will ever be half the mom that my mom is. Every setback is just a bump in the road, and every heartache is something that you push through for her. There are times when I want to cry just thinking about all she has had to go through, and how ungrateful I have been at times. And she never cares. Even when the one causing her pain is me, she continues to love me through it. I can’t imagine the kind of self sacrifice it takes to be a mom, and I only hope I can step up to the plate. I do know with this type of role model, I have a great guide to follow. And hopefully, with her guidance, and God’s trials, I will have the strength to follow through. To be the one jumping up and finding energy somehow when I’m physically feeling extremely weak. To be able to put my own thoughts and feelings aside, just for someone else. And to survive the heartbreak all over again, when my child gets hurt by someone.

Women go through a lot. Between the emotional struggles, the physical pain, and everything in between that life throws at them, women have to handle a lot. Women still have to fight for equality in the workplace, and even at the store. But, because of the strength we have been instilled with, we fight on. For our future children, for our future fellow women. As far as what I have seen, women are some of the strongest people, put in some of the tiniest bodies. Not someone to ever be underestimated.

I know it’s a week past Mother’s Day, but I wasn’t able to write about this then because I was spending valuable time with my role model, and best friend. I was trying to pay back my mom a little bit of what she gives me every single day. So this one is for you. To the strongest person I know.


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