Like Me

I like to be liked. I mean, who doesn’t? I’m a people person, people-pleaser and want to be liked by others. When I work somewhere, I want to befriend my coworkers and be liked. It certainly makes working a little bit easier if you and your coworkers can get along. Same thing with any other situation. When I joined my sorority, I wanted to make friends and be liked by my sisters. Unfortunately, as we all know with life, you can’t always be liked.

It’s a sad truth that not everyone will like you. It could be a coworker that just doesn’t like you, or it could be a sorority sister who just doesn’t get your personality. Whoever or whatever the reason, some people just don’t click. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work together and get along, but it does mean that you won’t be the best of friends. For me, that’s difficult. I’m very outgoing and like making friends, getting to know new people and learn different perspectives. I don’t always take it the best when someone doesn’t like me. I wonder what it is that is off-putting, and what I can do to change their minds. The simple fact is, there’s nothing I can do to change how they feel about me, and honestly, I don’t want to.

I will not apologize for being myself, and I won’t change just to make you like me. I learned the hard way, with past “friends” that it’s not worth changing who I am just to fit in. Hiding myself, is bad for me, and if you don’t like me, that is not my problem. I try to get along with everyone, and if you don’t like my sense of humor, or my personality, then that’s too bad. I will not change who I am just to fit who you want me to be. I am me, and that is that.
Not everyone is going to like you. It’s a hard truth, but it’s a fact of life. Staying true to yourself is the most important thing you can do. No one can be a better you. That’s all you, and if people don’t like you, that’s on them not you. Don’t change the way you act, or talk, it’s not worth it. Some personalities just don’t mesh well, and that’s ok.

I have a great group of friends who love me for me. They love my clutsy self who is Disney-obsessed and would rather stay in than go out. Others may not understand that, or like me for those traits, and even though it’s hard to accept it, I encourage you to do the same. Embrace who you are, and just accept that not everyone will love you for you. Who cares if someone likes you? As long as you like yourself, that’s all that matters.
This song, Try by Colbie Caillat, is a great example of just being true to yourself. Have a listen, and just be yourself. As long as you like yourself, that’s all that matters.


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