Time Management

There have been some big changes in my life recently that have kept me away from the computer, and sadly, away from my blog. First off, I started applying for jobs feverishly, I mean a good 3-5 job applications a day; it was exhausting, but so worth it. I recently accepted a new position, within my major (a great feat, as every post grad who has been un or under-employed knows). I am very excited to get my career going, and I start in less than a week. In addition to that, I’ve been reconnecting with friends, still working my part-time job, and I’ve been seeing someone as well. It really is true that everything happens at once.
I know I have some long work days ahead of me, but luckily for me, I’ve always enjoyed being busy. In college, each year I had a packed schedule. I worked part time, was in a sorority, held a leadership role in said sorority, volunteered, took a full course load, hit the gym every single night, and still had time for a social life on the weekends. Thinking back now, I realize how much I miss that life. I loved having an agenda with everything planned out for my days a week or two in advance. I loved having those little time blocks for meetings and classes, and chapters and date functions. Even though I was running around more than I ever had before, I felt exhilarated rather than exhausted. Sleeping in wasn’t an option, and I was surprisingly ok with that. I was having the full college experience, that experience that my mom wanted me to have so badly. I attended each and every class, and excelled in each one I might add, while being in some of the best shape I had ever been in, and still making a couple hundred bucks from working my retail job in between all of it. It wasn’t a bad place to be in.
I even still found ways to go shopping with friends on the weekends, and even go home for a couple days without missing out on much. I had time organization down to perfection. I also was fantastic at multi-tasking. A class I was attending required me to plan events, including visiting venues and calling and getting quotes about catering and etc. I found sometimes the best time to make those calls was walking through campus to my car or to the library. Or maybe I had to call a venue to get information for a sisterhood retreat. Grabbing a quick bite to eat and making those calls was perfect timing. I know they say it’s best to unplug from the world during meal-times, but let’s face it, my phone was going to be in my hand whether I was making a phone call or texting friends. I might as well have been productive with it. I used dinner time as my time to unwind with a glass of wine, and chatting with my roommate about classes and what guys we were interested in at the time. Everything had a place in my agenda, and everything timed out very nicely.
Now, here’s where you think I’m going to tell you about this huge burnout I felt from struggling to balance everything. Unfortunately for those of you wanting that, I don’t have a burnout story. I never went through any type of burnout during that year. I got all my assignments finished on time, without a crazy meltdown in the library or in my room at 3 in the morning. I’ll be honest, I liked my sleep, I usually was in bed by 11 and up at 7. I managed to get everything done in those waking hours and still find me time, whether it was a yoga class, or a wine night with my best friend. Like I said before, I had never felt more alive.

I’m not sharing this information to make you think I’m this awesome person who totally has her life together. I definitely don’t now, and I didn’t then. I couldn’t get out of the friend zone with this guy I liked, and I hated that part time job I had. The point I am trying to make here, is that it is possible with hard work, to live a fulfilling life and get shit done at the same time. I didn’t have cable, so I didn’t have television as a distraction. I had a gym I was paying an exorbitant amount of money for at my school, so yeah I was going to attend classes and take advantage of all the cool features. The point of this is to inspire you to go out there and do what you want. Don’t make any more excuses about why you don’t have the time to meet someone or start that website. The time is there, it’s just a matter of if you’re using it wisely. So take two weeks, and turn off your television. Don’t come home from work or classes and just veg out on the couch. Join a gym, find a gym buddy and start a healthy lifestyle for yourself. I have let myself slip from where I used to be to where I am now, and it’s time to get myself back where I want to be. That means, I’ll be getting myself back into the gym. I also have a new type of blog in the works, and you should be seeing it once my new computer comes in. So go out and make a difference in the world. I’ll be there with you. 

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