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Hello everyone! So with the holidays coming up, I know that while the weather is cooling down, romance is heating up. Something about the holidays makes you want to be with family and friends, and dates. A huge question that I have had friends come to me for is what to wear on a first date?
This is a question plagues all of us, especially as the times change and dates become more and more casual. However, I always go with a standard rule for a first date, no matter how casual dating is becoming. Even if your first date is going to grab a cup of coffee, I’d suggest a dress. Now, I’m not talking about a fancy ballgown or cocktail attire, I just mean a cute, flirty sundress. If it’s a first date, and you like the person, you definitely want to make a good first impression. Dresses are casual enough for everyday wear, but also dressy enough that you’re showing your date that you take it seriously and actually care about appearances. If it’s cooler in your area, throw a jacket over the dress, or some tights under it.
I know it’s really tempting to go in jeans and a shirt, and even if it’s a cute top and jeans, it’s still jeans. There’s a certain level of casualness that is associated with that, and that is not the impression you want to make on a first date. First dates are all about impressing the other person, so definitely dress to impress. I have included some pictures, from some of my first dates with different people, and some just on date functions with friends.
Remember, you can never be overdressed for an occasion, but you can definitely be under-dressed. And if you have a really casual dress, glam it up with cute hair and makeup, jewelry and some awesome shoes.

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