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Hello everybody! So as we are nearing the holiday season, it’s time for holiday parties and festivities. We all know how important it is to look our best for these festivities, because you never know who you’re going to meet. I know holiday parties are a great plot line for movies for romance, so who knows, it could happen in real life. Anyway, that isn’t really my point. My point is, that every girl needs to look her best, and the way to do that is having the perfect dress. Now, depending on the type of party you are going to, you will need a different style of dress. I know my sorority’s semi-formal is coming up this weekend, and I have been searching for a dress that could top last years, and I’m not the only one. All of my sisters have been going crazy searching. I also know that there are other holiday parties that are coming up that are going to need a different style dress than my semi-formal. It’s important to dress yourself properly for the occasion; even if your dress is killer, if it doesn’t fit with the theme, you won’t score those style points. So the following is a list, along with a few pictures, of what to wear for what occasion.
For a semi-formal, think of your high school Homecoming dance. You want a short dress that isn’t a sundress, because that’s way too casual, but you also don’t want a floor-length ballgown, that’s only appropriate for prom and maybe some galas. So a good rule of thumb with those is dressy, but not too much. You can have sparkly, and you can have a poofy skirt, but don’t go for something that you see on the red carpets at the Oscars, that’s a bit too much. I think the picture below is a good example of the types of dresses you want for a semi-formal. Mine is a high-low strapless sweetheart neckline that made me feel like a princess, without being too over the top. My sister Tia’s is a black strapless sweetheart neckline dress that shows off her curves, while keeping it classy. The little bit of sparkle to her dress is absolutely perfect for the occasion.

Now, for a holiday party, depending on where it is, these dresses might be a bit much, plus they don’t necessarily match the spirit of the season. With a holiday party, it’s best to go with a dress in a festive color, similar to a cocktail dress, so dressy, but not overly so. Good colors to go with for those dresses are red, green, blue, silver, gold, and black. And sequins are a yes. The holidays sparkle and so can you. I have attached a few examples I am in love with that I’ve found from various stores and from Pinterest. We want dressier than a sundress, but not at the level of the semi dresses above. I would advise you to put leggings under the dress if you are cold, and it’s outside, otherwise, just stay cold for a few minutes walking to your car. You’ll warm up inside the venue, and then you won’t have to worry about anything covering up the beauty of your dress.


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  1. The dresses look great (especially together =] ) But I particularly adore the pink dress! The sewn-on belt at the waist and waterfall hem gives it such a pretty flair! I hope you don't mind me mentioning it on my blog, Pink Sovereign! (I do Pink Spotting every now and again.) Thanks for posting!

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