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Keeping it Classy

A warm hello to all of my fashionistas. Today, we’re going to look at a fun, easy way to prep up an outfit. This accessory is especially popular among my sorority sisters. They are all obsessed, and I’m becoming the same way. It’s super easy and fun, and dresses up an outfit. Plus, it’s an accessory that is 100% Audrey-approved. Pearls. If anyone watches the show Ravenswood, they’ll have seen the latest trend there as well. One of the star’s outfits was perfectly accessorized with a strand of pearls. Now, there are many different ways to wear pearls. Some go with the classic, short necklace that is perfect for a business meeting or nice dinner. But the real trend lies with the longer strings of pearls, the ones that fit like a longer necklace and really give an outfit an extra punch. It’s preppy, but it’s fun too, and you can take an adorable outfit and make it a little more adorable with the pearls.
Now, before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on real pearls, let’s focus on where you can find some cheaper ones. I was shopping around, and pearl necklaces that look adorable, but aren’t necessarily real, are very affordable and range from $10-$25. Which, if you’re a college student, is the perfect price. Besides, no one is going to notice if they’re real or not. Especially not when people are more focused on what you are wearing rather than, at least in my case, who you are wearing. Sure brand names and designers matter, but when it comes to accessories, it matters a little less than if it were a bag or shoes. Essentially, if it’s cute, people are going to like it, even if it isn’t designer.
Now, the photo below shows a string of pearls that I found that have cute little flowers on the chain as well. I personally love that because it adds a bit of a country look, which is perfect for my style some days. There are others that have other little accessories added on, that is completely up to you and what your personal style is at the moment. Essentially, just have fun with it! The pearls add a little bit of class to an outfit, and who doesn’t love that? Plus, every girl wants her chance to channel Audrey Hepburn, and now she can with the classic pearls, or the modified pearls that are popping up everywhere.


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