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Boots Galore

Hello everyone!
The topic for this week is boots! This fall weather has inspired me to think of all the different ways to wear boots. There are so many opportunities to wear boots, even if it isn’t really cold outside. Being a Florida girl, I have mastered all of the cute, stylish ways to wear boots without breaking a sweat! Which is hard to do in Florida, even in winter. One of the great things about boots is that they can be worn with just about anything, and there are tons of different styles of boots to match any outfit. First, we will start with ankle boots. Ankle boots are great with jeans, jeggings, and shorts. They look amazing with shorts, just the right amount of tough to go with something sweet and girly. Cowboy boots are especially good with shorts for any kind of country event, be it a concert of just going out with friends for a bonfire. Those go great with denim shorts and make for an adorable outfit. Another style of boot is the boot that hits mid calf. These are great with jeans or any kind of legging or jegging, and dresses. Those boots are a perfect way to make a summer sundress a part of a winter outfit. Add a jacket over the dress to stay warm and keep the outfit nice and wintery. Now, a very popular boot is the combat boot. These boots are amazing in that there are so many outfit options they can go with. Combat boots with shorts look amazing, and are perfect for a pre-fall outfit, before it gets too cold. Then, once fall officially hits, they are perfect with jeans and a t-shirt to toughen up your look. Add a leather jacket and you are set! Combat boots also toughen up a girly skirt, and add just enough power to an outfit. Finally, knee-length boots. These are perfect for with a cute blouse and jeans. They help add length to your leg, so if you’re a shorty (like me), you’ll definitely want to wear some of these! Finally, within those types of boots, some are flat and some have heels. Boots with heels are perfect for dressing up any winter outfit. Going on a hot date? Buying a Christmas tree? Boots with heels are perfect for those occasions! Flat boots can go with anything, of course, and truly add to any outfit. Now, go out and find yourself the perfect pair of boots, and get out on the street showing off your style!


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