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This is a Wiki Map that myself and others in my class contributed to that has small businesses listed on it that are located around UNF. These are some of my, and others’, favorite places, so definitely check them out!


Body Con Skirts

“burberry trench+poinyy toe heels+vintage gucci bag+ body con bandage skirt”© 2010 Maegan Tintari, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Hello everybody! For this week’s posting, I would like to talk about body con skirts. The picture listed above, taken by Maegan Tintari and used in her blog listed above, is a great example of what I want to talk about for this week. Body con skirts are great for work, school, or if you’re in a sorority, a chapter meeting. There are many different ways to wear them, and I’d like to go through those ways step by step so everyone knows how to wear them and rock them in their own way.

The first way to wear them is modeled above in the photograph. If it’s cooler and you’re on your way to work, it’s best to add a jacket over it to keep you warm. The jacket doesn’t interfere with the professionalism of the outfit in any way, and if anything adds to the outfit. Wearing the skirt with a belt and a nice button down shirt makes the outfit go from something you can wear going out, to something you can wear in an office setting without worrying about someone thinking you are unprofessional. I do advise you to stick to plain colored skirts in an office setting though, I know wearing those crazy printed skirts can be tempting, but that’s not going to be appropriate for the work place.

Now, if you want to wear one of those printed skirts on the weekend, there’s plenty of ways to rock that look. I personally have a pink and black tribal one, and when it’s slightly warmer, I love to wear a black collared tank with it, with just the front tucked in. I know it sounds silly, but it looks amazing when you wear it like that. Add a cute pair of heels, and you are all set! If it’s a bit cooler out, but you still want to wear your skirt, I’d suggest adding a jacket, and add a scarf to match. The scarf I usually wear with mine is a pink one that matches the pink in the skirt perfectly. Pair that with a scoop neck t-shirt in a plain color, and a neutral jacket (black or tan) and you have a gorgeous outfit that will definitely turn heads. As for shoes, I’d once again go with a cute pair of pumps, because you really can’t go wrong with those.

Not Just For a Summer Day

Creative Commons License
Not Just a Summer Day by Rachel Clinger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Hello everyone! So now that temperatures are dropping, us fashionistas are having issues staying warm and still dressing cute. Now, there are many ways to stay warm and cute, including ways to wear dresses. The picture I posted to the side demonstrates how you can dress up a dress, and stay warm at the same time. A blazer is a great addition to any outfit, and it helps to warm up any outfit. This also adds a splash of color to an outfit and brightens the outfit in these coming winter months. The dress underneath is a strapless, summer sundress and is perfect for summer months when it’s too hot to wear anything else. The blazer over it is heavy enough to warm you up, but still not be too bulky or hide your shape.
Of course, there are other ways to wear jackets and blazers over sundresses and make them appropriate for winter. Strapless floral sundresses are perfect for under denim jackets, which are making a comeback, and add with that a pair of ankle or calf-length boots and you have a beautiful winter outfit. This just goes to show it is still possible to show a little leg, even in the colder months.
These outfits are especially great for a date or girls night out. It is casual enough for the day time, and then add a pair of heels, and you have a classy, Audrey-approved outfit for the night. It shows just enough skin to grab attention, but not too much to slide into the trashy side of things.
Another great thing about this outfit is that even if it warms up to a balmy 72 degrees in the day time, you still won’t be sweating in it. It masters that transition of temperature that we experience during fall and is perfect for this time of year. It’s hard to give up our dresses for a few months, and with this tip, you won’t have to.

What To Wear

Hello everyone!
So for this week’s blog posting, I want to write about what to wear for your body type. I know a lot of us have different body types and sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good on our bodies and what just does not work for us. Now, this is not to say that anyone’s type is better or worse than another; they’re just different! We all are beautifully different, and even though society tells us certain trends to follow, these trends are not for everyone. Plus, we all know society makes fashion blunders (just think of the 90’s). So it’s okay that maybe high-waisted jeans are not for you, or those cute v-neck dresses make you look even more flat-chested. It happens, it’s the way fashion goes. However, we should not sacrifice our own personal style just to match with what society is telling us to wear this month. So for this post, we’re going to go over different body types and what is best to wear with those body types.
First, you have to know exactly what your body shape is. A general way to find this out is to take one of the quizzes that ask you questions about your body. A fun little quiz is one that Seventeen Magazine has online:Seventeen Body Shape Quiz. This will give you an idea of whether you know what your body shape is. If not, here’s a calculator that will give you a general idea of what your body shape is: Body Shape Calculator. This takes your measurements and tells you what body shape you fall under with an explanation about it.
So once you know your body shape, it’s important to know how to dress for it. Seventeen Magazine has some tips on dressing for different body shapes: Fashion Tips. I also have some tips. For those of you without much of a bust, it’s important to wear shirts that flatter your waist as well as help give the illusion of more than you have. A sweetheart neckline is always a good choice, it flatters your waist and your bust. Another good choice is ruffles. Not too much, but a little bit can add more dimension to your shape. If you have a tiny waist, those high-waisted shorts are perfect for you. They cinch in your waist and emphasize it and show it off. For those with larger busts, go with a v-neck, you can pull it off! That will emphasize what you have without being too low-cut. Just remember to keep it classy. For all of you tall girls, skinny jeans are your friend. They emphasize your height and show it off. If you have shorter legs, skinny jeans may not be the best. Go for those wider cut jeans, maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans or wide-leg pants. They’ll give you an illusion of height. Another tip, wear wedges with shorts. It gives the illusion of longer legs. If you have more of a pear shape, empire waist tops are great. They emphasize your curves and flow over your body. Finally, if you have a short torso, empire waist dresses or tops are good for you too, it will elongate your torso.
Plenty of magazines have lots more tips than just the ones I listed, these are just a start for you. Look into it yourself, each time new trends come out, so do new tips for how to wear them with your body type. Have fun with it, and try something new, even if you’re unsure about it. It may become your new favorite thing!

Boots Galore

Hello everyone!
The topic for this week is boots! This fall weather has inspired me to think of all the different ways to wear boots. There are so many opportunities to wear boots, even if it isn’t really cold outside. Being a Florida girl, I have mastered all of the cute, stylish ways to wear boots without breaking a sweat! Which is hard to do in Florida, even in winter. One of the great things about boots is that they can be worn with just about anything, and there are tons of different styles of boots to match any outfit. First, we will start with ankle boots. Ankle boots are great with jeans, jeggings, and shorts. They look amazing with shorts, just the right amount of tough to go with something sweet and girly. Cowboy boots are especially good with shorts for any kind of country event, be it a concert of just going out with friends for a bonfire. Those go great with denim shorts and make for an adorable outfit. Another style of boot is the boot that hits mid calf. These are great with jeans or any kind of legging or jegging, and dresses. Those boots are a perfect way to make a summer sundress a part of a winter outfit. Add a jacket over the dress to stay warm and keep the outfit nice and wintery. Now, a very popular boot is the combat boot. These boots are amazing in that there are so many outfit options they can go with. Combat boots with shorts look amazing, and are perfect for a pre-fall outfit, before it gets too cold. Then, once fall officially hits, they are perfect with jeans and a t-shirt to toughen up your look. Add a leather jacket and you are set! Combat boots also toughen up a girly skirt, and add just enough power to an outfit. Finally, knee-length boots. These are perfect for with a cute blouse and jeans. They help add length to your leg, so if you’re a shorty (like me), you’ll definitely want to wear some of these! Finally, within those types of boots, some are flat and some have heels. Boots with heels are perfect for dressing up any winter outfit. Going on a hot date? Buying a Christmas tree? Boots with heels are perfect for those occasions! Flat boots can go with anything, of course, and truly add to any outfit. Now, go out and find yourself the perfect pair of boots, and get out on the street showing off your style!

Wrap Around

Hello everybody!
So I know for all of those that aren’t in Florida it’s starting to cool down a little bit and that beautiful fall weather is coming in. Well, for this week’s fashion post, I would like to talk about scarves. Scarves are the perfect fashion accessory that never go out of style. Now, for those of you in cooler, but still not cold weather, I’m not talking about thick, bundle up scarves, I’m talking about the flowing, lightweight scarves that add a pop of color to any outfit. A great outfit I’m seeing out on campus or on my Pinterest boards is the one that is jeans, a plain colored t-shirt, and a colorful scarf, with some boots. Scarves are great for one of those days when you don’t feel like getting dressed up and just want some comfy jeans and a t-shirt. They dress up any outfit, and accessorize for those days you just don’t really care. By wearing a scarf you eliminate the need to find that perfect necklace to wear with your shirt, and it takes a simple outfit to an amazing outfit. On another note, these scarves are absolutely perfect for the fall weather. Sometimes standing in the sun can get a bit warm, even if it’s cooler temperatures, and lightweight scarves are perfect because they are so light and breezy it’s barely noticed. So you won’t get too hot, but it can definitely add to any outfit. Certain dresses go great with scarves as well. Plus, there are so many ways to wear scarves! We all know of the standard way to wear a scarf, or to just buy the infinity scarf, but there are so many ways to tie a scarf around your neck! I have attached a great website that shows all the different ways you can tie a scarf, with visuals of 15 different ways. I have found even more ways to tie a scarf, just by browsing Pinterest and being observant. I have found I am not afraid to go up to someone and ask where they got a piece of their outfit or how they did their outfit a certain way. It’s not a bad thing, and I’ve met some great people to talk fashion with by doing that. Plus, you never know who you could meet by doing that. Happy browsing!

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