Listen to Your Body

Happy Wellness Wednesday! It seems like everything fitness related always has this little clause of listening to your body. I hear it daily in my Tone It Up workouts, but did you know it can apply to so much more than just what your body is saying while you’re running or lifting weights? I started … More Listen to Your Body

Yoga and Meditation

Hey y’all, happy Wellness Wednesday! How many of you have picked up new wellness practices during this pandemic? As horrendous as it has been, I personally am thankful for the opportunity to focus on my health and wellness. I’ve been working out daily, as well as have started yoga and meditation each morning before work. … More Yoga and Meditation

Trust the Process

I will be the first to say that life has sent me its fair share of road bumps to navigate, along with road closures, flat tires, etc. And I’ll be the first to say that I’ve gotten angry at God at some of the things that have been sent my way. I think that’s something … More Trust the Process